Saturday, 27 May 2017

Luka's Limericks #2

The sex blogger now known as Bert
Was demanding and terribly curt
I said "where's your class?"
He said "up your arse"
And then put his hand up my skirt.


Suzanne Portnoy said...

Oh Luka, I was reading my old blog that hidden on WP and found a link to your blog. Brought back so many memories of our early blogging days! Mrs. Robinson (Woman of Experience) has now moved to Australia. I'm back to writing on Will you write something for us?

Luka Sooxter said...

Hello Suzanne! Sorry for the delay in replying, I totally failed to check my comments folder for a couple of weeks due to incompetence. Yes! Yes, I would be more than happy to write something for you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post.
It was funny. Keep on posting!