Saturday, 16 April 2016

Where the fuck have you been?

It's a good question, one that remains both unasked and unanswered.

I found myself back in here by chance. A random comment on Facebook led to a dormant synapse suddenly jolting back into life and firing off a brief, brilliant memory of The Improbable Adventures of Hermione Saucebucket. Suitably inspired, I logged into the blog to revisit what I wrote back in 2008. Was it as much fun as I remembered?  The answer, of course, is yes. My take on a bodice-rippingly good romp is still better than 97% of other erotic fiction online and the humour is intentional. And spelled correctly. 

In short, I am now in the fervent grip of passion, a desire to write more improbable adventures. When we last encountered Hermione Saucebucket she was taking the bull by the horns in a field, with her picnic -  and pants -  in disarray. I really should write her into a few more historical escapades. (They have to be historical as the bloomer element is very important to me.) 

Audience* participation bit: Where should her next adventure take place? Vote now!

  1. In the library
  2. On a train
  3. Norwich
  4. At the circus
  5. Behind the sofa
*Yeah, yeah, I know everyone's fucked off but it doesn't matter as I'd have rigged the vote anyway.


Curvaceous Dee said...

Ooooh. At the circus! Or in the library! Hmm, maybe on a train?

(I don't know shit about Norwich, and behind the sofa is where I have all of MY adventures. So they're right out.)

xx Dee

Luka Sooxter said...

Your vote has been independently verified and counted. Thank you for taking part in this crucial decision making process. You totally rock, Curvaceous one.


Curvaceous Dee said...

I do rock! But that's because I've been squirreling pebbles behind the sofa...

xx Dee

Luka Sooxter said...


(I may have to add squirreling to my list of fictitious sexual activities and obtain a friend named Pebbles).

Tom Allen said...

*looks around*

Hey, where the hell have you been?

Luka Sooxter said...

That's a good question, Tom, one that it's right to ask and one that we can only imagine what the answer might be. A more pertinent question for now is what's your vote for my next literary saucefest?

HalfHiddenDad said...

I favour Norwich but that's just a kink of mine so my vote goes to the library - but please not a modern open-plan, book free version... lets have some dark corners, leather bindings and a cabinet of erotica!

Luka Sooxter said...

I could always go for a library in Norwich,Half Hidden Dad, and over stimulate you completely.