Saturday, 5 April 2014


When I was a starry-eyed teenager, wrestling daily with the emotional demands of unstable hormones, mysterious passions and unrequited love, I longed for the day when everything would settle down, the storm would pass and I would be sailing serenely on the calm waters of adulthood.

I felt sure I would grow into a wise woman, and that by 40, unthinkable as it seemed then, I would be far beyond the cruel torments of insatiable desires.

Oh, 15 year old Luka, you know nothing.* In 30 years time you will be exactly the same idiotic dreamer, just less spotty and somewhat heavier.

Then again, while I still often wish I could be more sensible, I am unconvinced I'd be any happier if I were. The downs make the highs so much higher and at least I get to travel.

*If you read this is in a "You know nothing, Jon Snow" style voice, Game of Thrones stylie you win a bonus point and a chocolate button.