Sunday, 2 March 2014

Who to follow

Twitter likes to make suggestions as to who I might like to follow, given my eclectic mix of oddballs I choose to socialise with online.

I look at their proffered list and am grateful they are not a dating site trying to find me potential suitors,  for they are consistently off the mark.

Granted I am very picky and only want to follow people who are genuinely interesting, and preferably able to make me laugh, which is a hard quality to detect from just a small picture and a user name. Yet surely I don't follow enough submissive females to warrant the deluge of suggested subs to follow in my Twitter feed? It's like Fetlife exploded in my sidebar. A cropped close up of a ballgag here, some spiked heels there, cleavage, bum cheeks, handcuffs and lipgloss everywhere. It's all aimed at a specific target audience and I am so not it. I am not wearing a suit in my profile pic for a start.  I am not aroused by their photos of glamour models culled from someone else's Tumblr or intellectually challenged by motivational sayings in pretty colours about what a real dom/sub should be .Nor do I give one shiny shit whether they are "naughty" and if I were to slap them it wouldn't be in a sexy way. In short, it is not a good match.

The problem is that I follow people who do follow these kinds of Tweeters, presumably because they have got a suit and hope to one day find out if the arse in the profile pic is actually attached to the person doing the typing. It is quite apparent to me that I need to follow a lot more grumpy old ratbags who like wine, swearing and general silliness to generate the kind of suggestions I might be inclined to follow.