Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Dear Luka

I am in turmoil
I am lost and I'm confused and need your help

Oh Luka

It makes my blood boil
It makes me whinge and whine and positively yelp

Dear Luka

I'm on the rebound
And I thought that you might help me to forget

Hey Luka

Look at what I found
In my trousers, can you see what it is yet?

Dear Luka

I need your advice
I'm a tortured soul who no one understands

Hi Luka

I never think twice
Before leaving this in your capable hands

Dear Luka

It's not that I mind
The thought that you might have some difficulties too

But Luka

I think that you'll find
That if you're not there for me someone else will do


Carnalis said...

Why does Blogger make it so difficult to leave comments? Mine never seem to get through. Just wanted to say that you always seem to capture the heartfelt.

Luka Sooxter said...

Luckily this comment got through just fine! Thank you, I am feeling the angst right now :)

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