Wednesday, 23 October 2013


No one likes change, yet we all experience it at some point.

Much has been written about change - embracing it, accepting it, making the best of it. There are numerous charts and diagrams to illustrate the stages of change and how best to manage it.

All of which is helpful, to a point, though as I sprawl in the Boudoir, recovering from my own latest change, I find I have little use for a bar graph, no matter how nicely drawn.

There have been many changes since I began blogging here back in 2007. (2007! I can hardly believe it's that long ago.) Many of the bloggers who so influenced me back then have disappeared into the mists of time, as have my reasons for baiting them so.

Much of what was important to me then is not important to me now. People who were important to me then are now hazy memories and I struggle to recall why I cared so much at the time.

Some things never change though. A quick trawl through the most popular sex blogs of the moment highlight the timeless, typical posts that feel so familiar: a sex toy review, an artfully cropped nudie arse pic, an impenetrable angsty "literary" piece from a sensitive dom and the inevitable self referential lists of sex bloggers, sex blogs and posts of the week.

The only significant change I could spot was the proliferation of explicit gifs in the ads which sprout unchecked along the text I wish to read, as welcome and enticing as a crop of genital warts.

Was it ever thus or have I just been away too long?