Friday, 2 August 2013

Luka in Limbo

And by that I don't mean I am taking part in a traditional dance contest in Trinidad. Which is a shame, as that would be much more fun and would probably involve an exotic alcoholic beverage served with a sparkler and me in a coconut bra.

No, I have been up on blocks, decommissioned, out of action for some time now while I wait for medical professionals to get me sorted out and back to fighting fitness. Sadly this has left me feeling disinterested in the world of sex blogging, sex bloggers, sex, blogging and blogs which is a bad thing for an (anti) sex blogger. My new interests of medical internet research, napping and angst are not appropriate blog fodder for this genre, although my experiences with latex gloves, probes and nurses might make the grade if I put it through the sex blogger filter (i.e. lie about the actual sexy content of this event entirely).

I don't ask for sympathy, just gifts of wine, chocolate and cheese. I will settle for humorous comments or emails. Actually, I'll settle for unfunny comments or emails as I do get very, very bored when I am confined to the sofa, languishing in limbo. On the plus side - or negative side, if you think I am the type of talentless, ill-mannered oaf who should not be allowed near an etch-a-sketch let alone a keyboard -  as I improve I am more likely to start writing again. There may be more posts! Imagine that.*

*If you don't want to imagine that - and, frankly, it isn't worth the mental effort, I agree - then why not delve into my moistly welcoming archives to fully experience the joy of text.


Ceeej said...

In lieu of any means of getting wine or chocolate to you, you'll have to settle for a few words and a 'hope you get better soon' plus the mental image of me indulging in a block of chocolate covered cheese on your behalf.

(do coconuts grow that large?)

Ceeej said...

(I mean really? That's a pretty large coconut or pair of, imagine all the curry you could make from the milk and flesh. The coconut milk and flesh of course, thought I should make that clear having a slight inkling of how your mind works. I'm wittering aren't I, I'll go away now)

Curvaceous Dee said...

Latex gloves, probes and nurses does sound exciting, doesn't it? Can we pretend it was exciting, at least? A languishing Luka is not good at all!

*sends you lascivious luxuries and blatant bastardry*

xx Dee