Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Return

I would have got someone to water the plants
And to cancel the papers and milk
I would have got someone to hold all my calls
And perform other tasks of that ilk

I would have asked someone to please feed the fish
And to turn out the lights I left on
I would have made somebody check on the gimp
If I'd known I'd be gone for so long!


Ceeej said...

And what sort of time do you call this then, honestly, I let you go out and you just take advantage...

Ahem, sooooo glad to see you return :)

Helga Hansen said...

Well, well, well... you took your time! Seriously, though... hope all is well in Lukaland, and that you've had good reason to be gone so long! xx

Ms Robinson said...

God you just left the door open, I had to move house. x We all need to hide.

Heff said...

Like, welcome back, and shit.

Titus Pepper said...

Welcome back. This may be a surprise , but I've actually missed you.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Welcome back! You have been missed. *hugs*

xx Dee

Luka said...

Ceeej - I missed the last bus and had to sleep in a skip. When I woke up I was on a rubbish barge and it took ages to swim home.

Helga - All my reasons are excellent reasons. All is well now though x

Ms R - It is the way of things. I am going to mail you, you helped me muchly x

Heff - Yay! And shit!

Titus - It *is* a surprise - did you miss me like toothache? :)

Curvy Dee - Thank you, my favourite curvaceous blogger x

Freddy said...

It's lucky your landlord dropped by for the rent
Else I'd still have been stuck in that mask
She abused me for hours, but then lent me a tent
But would lube have been too much to ask?

We've missed you a lot, much more than you'd think
We've missed the displays of your savage wit
But you're back and we'll cheer as you kick up a stink
And those you offend? Who gives a shit!

Welcome back Luka - Queen of the Blogiverse