Saturday, 18 June 2011


I have been gone, as you may have noticed, for quite a while. I had things to do in the Big Room.

Now I am back and eager to establish whether I have missed anything. I suspect not, but you never know.

Blogland is not how I left it. It is an ever shifting landscape, with blogs closing, blogs opening, bloggers leaving, bloggers returning, bloggers changing their identities, their genres, their partners, their minds. An absence of more than a day or two leaves the satirical blog saboteur at a disadvantage. Where is my material hiding itself these days?

I need to take a look around. It is good to see many of my
favourite people still actively posting. But what of those whose old blogs languish limply at the bottom of my inspirational blogroll, to the right? What are they doing now? Why aren't they here, with a cake and balloon and maybe a picture of their arse or a post about being smeared with taramasalata and then taped to the dishwasher? Perhaps they are all busy in the Big Room too.

Still, hundreds of sex blogs and bloggers, only one Luka. I can't look for them all. This is where you, dear, lone, languishing, loyal reader, come in. I need you to do some of the looking for me. Do you know the whereabouts of any fugitive sex bloggers? Maybe someone who used to post about group sex on a coffee shop sofa and who now posts about childcare arrangements, flowers or knitted cushion covers? Maybe someone who used to write at length, with pictures, about their legendary conquests and who now publishes articles on gardening, grouting and bicycle maintenance?

Perhaps you are a lost blogger yourself, someone who has given up the effort of writing lengthy blog posts in favour of the immediacy of Facebook or Twitter. Possibly you just couldn't see the point in continuing, now that the glory days of blogs and book deals are long gone. If so, and you happen to be reading this, unlikely as it seems, do reveal yourself. (No, not on the webcam. That's so noughties.)

Update me. Let me know where to look.


Dangerous Lilly said...

People just lost interest once the sparkle is gone or when half of the original circle of blogging buddies are gone from the scene. From what little I know of those blogs you follow that haven't updated in awhile, they're simply just bored and done with this world.

Then there's idiots like me who keep yapping now and then, way past my prime, lol

Ceeej said...

What, the glory days of blogging are over? You mean I'm never going to get published and win a Man Booker for recycled tat off my blog? I'll never sample the giddy heights of making an arse of myself on Radio 2?

Thanks fuck for that.

Boxer said...

Luka! sadly I can't help locate anyone because you are my one and only sex blogger, except for J.Cake. I'm still blogging and I did change my address (just a little drama) but that's it.

Welcome back from the Big Room. We've all had to go there at times and it's always nice to return to Blog Worl.

Carnalis said...

I'm still yapping, and thrilled that you have popped up again. We need some lighthearted slander and ridicule.

I need to refresh my reading list too. Perhaps we can compare notes on fruity possibilities x

disapprhere said...

I rarely read and I rarely speak. Every so often, I allow myself to believe something or someone will breakthrough. I've found I'm foolish in this belief.

PateInduced said...

Well, we've kept the faith, and you on our Favorites. Look what we get for our troubles: Insults.

Or, likely, just forgot until the "Barbee" popped up.

Luka said...

Dangerous Lilly - I do like the tenacity of those of us who have been at this blogging malarky for a while now. It shows true strength of character and a resolute refusal to accept that most people have moved on to mobile phone applications now.

Ceeej - Never say never. There's still a chance a documentary crew may want some input at some point.

Boxer - I'm so glad to know you're still posting.Yours is still the best cyber party I have attended.

Carnalis - I am always up for a bit of compare and contrast. I shall show you my possibilities if you show me yours.

Disapprhere - Oh, I don't know. There are long barren stretches, it's true, but every so often you discover an oasis of class in a desert of arse.

PateInduced - If I'd returned with flowers and compliments you wouldn't have believed it was me.

Jackie Adshead said...

Can't help you with this one I'm afraid, Luka. I too have been busy with other things and blogging tends to get put on hold in the meantime. But I am delighted that some of my old blogger friends are still around, and that you have decided to grace us with your glorious presence again.

I'm sure with a bit of diligent searching you will find some blog morsels to sink your teeth into and get your hearty appetite back.

Amy said...

Old blogger here, Luka. We have just been consumed with Life and haven't had time for writing about it. Keep thinking things will slow down and we can get back into it. I miss it (and you!). xoAmy