Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Charon QC Blogging & Drinking for BIG SOCIETY Award

As I sit here sipping my not-quite-chilled-enough, not-really-my-favourite Chardonnay because I finished all the Pinot Grigio unexpectedly early, I gaze upon my latest award with a sense of completely unearned pride.

Do go and visit the entertainingly bonkers, yet informative and insightful, Charon QC if you fancy an award of your own to enhance those parts of your blog which look somewhat forlorn and neglected. It covers those stubborn understains that you just can't shift from velvet upholstery and flock wallpaper beautifully.

I am most grateful for this pleasingly relevant and appropriate award as it is far time my efforts in this area were acknowledged and rewarded. The composition of my hilarious ditties, my groundbreaking posts and photos of me in my underwear simply wouldn't occur without the ingestion of several bottles of vino blanc on a regular basis.

Also, no sex bloggers like me any more and none of them will give me an award.


Ceeej said...

Another vat of Pinot for Ms Bazooka please...

(not in any way meant to encourage your taking and posting of deshabille pics you understand but the law of unintended consequences and all that..)

Tom "former sex blogger" Allen said...

Also, no sex bloggers like me any more and none of them will give me an award.

What?! *I* like you. Of course, I haven't won anything lately, myself. Apparently this is because of all the unfair and ridiculous qualifications, it seems that one actually needs to write things in order to be considered eligible.

Buggerit. Millenium and and shrimp sez I.

Ah well. Off to set some nice Chianti in the cellar for later.

PateInduced said...

Hey! I got one too! I don't know, though? Do I have to drink wine?

Jackie Adshead said...

Well, I still like you, if that helps?

Happy New Year to you Luka - hope you feel the urge to write more for us in 2011.... you're always a breath of fresh (and very fragrant)air.

Anonymous said...

learned a lot