Monday, 18 October 2010

The Recalcitrant Recluse

I wasn't going to do Halloween this year.

I can't tell you what's been going on in my Real Life(tm) because I made such a big la-la fuss about not doing so earlier this year. Damn.

Anyway, things have been such that I haven't spent much time in the Boudoir (you may or may not have noticed) and I decided not to hold my annual Halloween Party, the reasons for both being that I have been so very preoccupied elsewhere.

Then friends began to ask what the plan was for Halloween this year and I said maybe I'd do something. Nothing big and elaborate. I might go as far as buying a pumpkin and a bag of Haribo Horror Mix. Maybe.

Then I found myself in a shop, holding a little novelty Halloween top hat in my hand. It had a skull emblem and some black netting. I tried it on. It sat at a jaunty angle among my curls and immediately made me smile.

From there it was one short step to going down the whole Wicked Lady route and now I have a frock coat, thigh boots, a pistol and a riding crop. And a jaunty little hat.

And now I find myself hosting a Gothic dinner party and will have to accommodate lots of people after all.

I am rubbish at remaining a recluse.


Heff said...

Everyone crawls out of the woodwork from time to time.

Helga Hansen said...

Photos, we demand photos! :) Oh, and damn straight we've missed you. Hope that Real Life (TM) malarkey hasn't been giving you toooo much hassle!

Ceeej said...

Welcome back, stay a while..

Put your feet up...

Hang on, did you say thigh boots?

PateInduced said...

Yur' back! You're Back! You're! Back!!!

It's unreal!

She's Back! Ya...Hoo!

PS. Nice curls.

Sausage Fingers said...

All that from a wee hat? that's marketing at its finest.

Happy said...

ohhhhhhhh it's good to see you!!!