Friday, 2 July 2010

A Poem About Deeply Unattractive People

They say beauty is only skin deep
But you're ugly deep down to the core
You're grotesque to the bone
And that's why you're alone
Your ego has become an eyesore

It's not that you're too hard on the eye
In good light you are passably fair
But what really detracts
Are your self serving acts
When your unlovely soul is laid bare

You can change your appearance it's true
But you can't hide the fact you're a cock
In cross sectional view
It goes all the way through
Like a drab stick of repugnant rock


Heff said...

...but I just came by to say "hello"... lol !

Helga Hansen said...

Oh my - you're really good at this, aren't you!! :)

Cheeky Minx said...

(giggle, snicker, snort!)

I think your poetic wit has just cured my cold...

Happy said...

Our Luka has genius skills
We've seen them these past three years
Which is why she's a leader
And why we all read her
To see barbs that reduce men to tears

pateinduced said...

Oh! . . . Ummm, ... Thanks, for the complement of compliments...

Glasjay said...

Hi Luka,
It's been far too long (not that you remember me) funny how real life gets in the way sometimes.
It's good to see you still have your razor sharp wit and cynical disposition.
Keep it up :)

Luka said...

This reply to your comments is frightfully late but written with love and a dash of pear cider.

Thank you for you appreciation of my literary efforts. One day I will give a poetry reading and I will expect you to attend and throw money (not pennies in socks again though.)

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I wish you successes in everything.