Sunday, 6 June 2010

Outing the In Crowd

Elsewhere on the net arguments continue as to whether there is an In Crowd in sex blogging. There is some debate over the existence of cliques and certain territorial markings.

I don't profess to be clued into exactly what the A-list sex bloggers are bitching about between themselves this time but I can clear up any ambiguity for them.

Yes, of course there are cliques. To deny this or to feign incredulity ("where is this In Crowd of which you speak?") is disingenuous to say the least. We all have people we chum up with, those whose company - virtual or otherwise - we prefer over others. Sex bloggers are no different. To pretend you are somehow devoid of the same characteristics that define the rest of the human race is pushing it a bit.

So, yes. There is an In Crowd. Though for those sex bloggers who like to fuddle-duddle with each others wibbly-wobblies and then write about it afterwards it's more of an In-Out, In-Out Shake-it-all-About Crowd.

Next Week: Sex positive feminist blogging - is it as much of a joyless, dry wank as it sounds?


Ceeej said...

Well, of course, all bloggers are cliquey, you've only got to look at the stats on my blog to realise I'm in a very select clique. Others might say lonely but I prefer select..

Oh, and dying to know how you're going to get a blog post out of 'Yes' next week

Sulpicia said...

Hmm. As usual... I'm outta da loop. C'est la vie. It's a beautiful sunny summer day in the arctic and though I dreamed of snow (egads!) there is none to be seen...

Hubman said...

I've seen some of those same comments elsewhere and like you I can't see how they can deny that there are cliques.

I'm glad I found your blog!

Luka said...

Ceeej - I always opt for quality over quantity myself.

Sulpicia - The loop is more like a knot and it's not easily untangled.

Hubman - Hello there! Yes, I find it curious that the same people who post about meeting up with other sex bloggers for road trips/holidays/conferences/nudie photo shoots/a good nobbing (usually complete with detailed photographic evidence) then claim not to have a clue what an in crowd is, let alone be part of one.

I think part of the problem is that many of the bloggers getting upset/declaring ignorance over claims of the existence of an in crowd see themselves as sex positive, all-inclusive, welcoming types. They pride themselves on their pan-sexual all-encompassing outlook. They post about the joys of sucking cock and the delights of having your forearm up some bint's chuff. They like everyone, see? Everyone is equal. Fat, thin, black,white, shaved, hairy, transgendered or made of plastic it's all the same to them. They are enlightened. At ease with their bodies and others. The rest of us can only aspire to such broadmindedness.

To then have it pointed out that they actually like some people more than others, just like everyone else on the planet, bursts the bubble a bit. It doesn't fit the self-image.

Helga Hansen said...

I have no idea who is in, which clearly means I need to get out more! And to write a sex blog, I think I'd need to have sex more often than I am... so it's no small wonder I'm clueless! :D

EmmaK said...

I am just making a home made strap on from a gourd for a sex positive feminist sex session on my hemp sheets and will let you know how I get on!

Walker said...

In crowd.......are they the ones on top?

Riff Dog said...

I think you're confusing the In Crowd with the Math Club. No offense to my fellow bloggers, but from what I've seen, the sex blogging world isn't exactly a world of football captains and head cheerleaders.

Luka said...

Helga - Sex bloggers have the least sex of all bloggers, so that needn't be a problem.

Emma - I hope it was a Fairtrade gourd.

Walker - They're on top of something, as a rule. Often it's the washing machine set on spin or a root vegetable of some sort.

Riff - it is a veritable dweebfest.