Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Public Decides - THIS is your Favourite Blog

"What's that," you cry?

"My favourite blog? I never fucking voted for you."

Well, I respond, as anyone who has followed the British General Election malarky over the past few weeks will know, you don't always get what you voted for. You may prefer some other, well-written, informative blog altogether. You may even have voted for them. But the fact is, it didn't count and I have been officially notified that this blog, the Barbed Wire Boudoir, is, in fact, your favourite blog.

So you're stuck with it. I have been awarded an award and now I am giddy with power.

This is it:

I know.

It not only makes your eyes bleed but "favourite" is spelt wrong. It is fugly. But it was handed to me with great affection and sticky fingers by Curvaceous Dee so I will put it on the virtual mantelpiece of the Boudoir until such time as I accidentally dust it too vigorously and it meets with an untimely end on the flagstones below.

Thanks, Dee, I'm glad this is your favourite blog and I am quite sure you speak for everybody.

As usual there is an expectation with this award, a caveat, a bit of smallprint. I'm supposed to do the following:
  • Post the award on my journal. (Done.)
  • Post a video of yourself playing your favourite instrument, a picture of a pet or a long post about your favourite book. (If only I still had that video of me playing the pink oboe! I couldn't get much of a tune out of it but my fingerwork was impressive.)
  • Choose some more people you think deserve the award. (Well, they might deserve it, but does anyone really want it? I have to say I was thrilled to see Dee had tagged me, purely because I had fuck all else to blog about this week and this was an effortless fix. I'll post a pic and think about it.)
Me and some pets.

Ok, I've thought about it. I pass on this beautiful award to Carnalis because she is a bit mad, has a great arse and hers is truly one of my favourite blogs, Sulpicia as she is a bit mad and the bright colours of the award may trigger some spectacular word association and Walker who I find entertaining even when he's just describing a walk to the shops. And is a bit mad.


Heff said...

That IS an ugly-assed award, but congrats nonetheless !

Ceeej said...

Oh if I'd only known that sending you a fugly award was the best way to get you to post more, I'd have done so ages ago..

On the other hand, I don't think I have the skills required to create something so fugly.


Sulpicia said...

I really don't want to be pissy about this but I've been thinking about it all day... (Board meetings do cause me to latch on to the most insignificant things. Rather more than usual.) And I adore Carnalis. Truly. But I have a nice ass tooooooooooooooo. That being said I will save this for my Saturday overnight struggles. Mwah, darling. See you on the barbed carpet.

Curvaceous Dee said...

*pumps fists in the air* I AM THE PUBLIC!

Seriously, I knew you'd make me laugh with your response. So I'm happy :)

xx Dee

Carnalis said...


You have saved me too, 'cos i had nothing to post this week that wasn't:

a) vaguely illegal
b) a little sad
c) a slightly disturbing stalker story.


Funnily enough, your favourite blogs are on my favourite list too. Hmmm.

Thank you very much. I shall carry my treasure into my den to stroke it for awhile (i NEVER get given awards .. let me) and i may share later. Maybe.

(I shall bring cake. Lots of cake)

Walker said...

You always have my vote by proxy.

Carnalis does have a nice arse doesn't she.

It's a mad mad world baby so just pass the whip cream lick the bits you enjoy the most.
Put the whip cream on the ones you don't.
Might as well look appetizing

Thank you for the award and will post it right after i get back from my next walk

Luka said...

Heff - thank you kind sir!

Ceeej - sometimes I need a virtual prodding to get me going again.

Sulpicia - I am sure your arse is magnificent. Two downy globes of perfect ripeness. I just associate you more with long legs in shorts.

Curvaceous Dee - you are all the public I need :) x

Carnalis - I wish to hear about a) b) and c) so drop me a line x

Walker - you are very welcome! Now get posting.