Monday, 5 April 2010


This is one of those posts. A filler post that falls between more substantial posts. I am unapologetic. While the rest of you have been enjoying a four day weekend, scarfing down chocolate, Tweeting, watching the Sound of Music and getting shitfaced on economy lager, I have been hard at work with no time for dicking around online.

I would just like to add that despite my current state of alcohol infused exhaustion I am still a champion of the blogging world, coming up with fresh material every week and pissing all over other wannabe satirical sex blogs. Or just sex blogs. Or blogs, even. Most of the blogs that first inspired me to put vitriol to keyboard have gone tits up now. It's just not that easy to keep coming up with the goods. I make it look easy, but you actually need a modicum of talent and creativity to keep going for more than 6 months.

So, to all you failed or lapsed bloggers I say "Hah! Losers!"

To my blogging peers I say "You rock! But not as much as me."


Heff said...

Hey, some posts are better than others, lol.

For the record, I like to get "Inbetweener" tits !

Tom Allen said...

To my blogging peers I say "You rock! But not as much as me."

And this is why I'm honored to be allowed to leave a comment on your posts.

Charlene said...

Tom is special. I am not, it would seem. LOL

Kat5 said...


Walker said...

For the record, i dick around every where HA HA HA
Many cum and go but the great ones keep cuming and cuming and cuming for more

Jackie Adshead said...

No one rocks as much as you Luka! :) Well done with lasting so long and amusing us for all that time too, a mighty feat!

Anonymous said...

Y'know what, before I logged on I wondered, 'Can she be arsed to keep going? Providing para-sexual insights into the quotidian? Is the underwear spend on hold until the election?'
So I propose an advice service.

'Dear Auntie Luka, my new online partner is reluctant to divulge her postcode. Given our booty emails over the last fortnight,should I be worried? yrs, Worried.'

Glasjay said...

I was busy ok?

Luka said...

Heff - I kinda guessed as much!

Tom - If I could I'd have a special commenting chair for you too, with a gold cushion and everything.

Charlene - everyone here is special :)

Kat5 - glad I could amuse!

Walker - come again?

Jackie - thank you for humouring a gobby drunkard.

A Nonny Mouse - I could go for that. I have plenty of advice, solicited or otherwise, to impart.

Glasjay - Where the bleeding hell have you been?