Monday, 1 February 2010

Those Burger Places Are Always Hiring

I like reading blogs. Well, certain blogs; good, well-written blogs. I like reading them and I particularly like reading them at no personal cost to myself. Call me tight, call me mean, but I like to come to the end of a post and find I am still as well-off as when I started. Sadly, perusing blogs lately has become the online equivalent of navigating the chuggers on the High Street. They all want your cash and are not afraid to annoy you to get it.

"Buy my book," they cry. "Go on. Well at least take a look at my Amazon wishlist and buy me something."

"Click on my links! Go on. It'll take you to some sponsored site that is suspect in the extreme but I get a fiver each time some twat falls for it! Go on, click it!"

"Subscribe to hear me read my posts! Yes, all you sad, lonely wankers without real friends can pay to hear someone you sort of know reading poorly written sex scenes and saying the word 'pussy' on your very own laptop! I've got a paypal account and everything."

"Sponsor me. Sponsor my friends. Support the work of the Domestic Dildo Divas, bringing silicone dongs to underprivileged housewives the world over. Send us a tenner. Go on!"

"Donate! Hit the button! Pay my bills, pay my lawyers, pay my way!"

It all boils down to the same thing: Give us your money!

Fucking hell, you think, I only wanted a browse. And unlike the High Street chuggers there's not even a handy face to punch.

Now, I do understand that some bloggers are hard up and are trying to supplement their income through blogging. Some are trying to launch a career. Others are just out for what they can get. Whatever the reason this constant wheedling for cash is a pain in the arse.

I have no advertising on my blog, no paypal account and no begging bowl to pass around so have no idea if blogging really is a lucrative source of income. I can't imagine it brings in that much, especially for the crappier writers, and imagine they'd make more money actually begging outside M&S, sitting on a frayed blanket, with a dog on a string, bearing a piece of cardboard with "Will Blog 4 Food" crayonned on it rather than virtually doing so. It would entail getting off their arse and leaving the house though, which is just as much effort as getting a job, hence the appeal of the blog beg.

Poor hard-up bloggers. I can hear the howls of protest, the reasons, the justifications now. I am unmoved. I am not exactly frolicking in piles of cash and lighting cigars with fivers myself. Money a bit tight? You could save on the leccy bill and go offline for a bit, that should do it.


Ro said...

Perish the thought that I might solicit cash or gifts on my blog.

This is your blog though, not mine, so might I simply suggest that you visit here and make a donation to my Home-Cinema Fund?

And if this makes you want to punch me in the face, I suggest that when you're next wandering down a high-street you thump all of the men that you pass. You never know, one of them just might be me. And you know you'll feel better for it ;-)

Dangerous Lilly said...

I really and truly dislike when bloggers start begging for money. I know of one who will, without shame, constantly ask for plane tickets, donations, etc so that they can visit X or Y or Z place or attend something all their other little friends are attending. Worse yet ( I think, anyways) donations for her cat or her bum toe or her broken short, anything and everything. I have too much self respect and respect for my peers to go around begging like that.

The only thing I'll do is ask that if someone is going to buy a sex toy at EF, that they buy it thru my links if I helped them pick out something. And that's the extent of me involving my friends/readers.

I agree, McDonalds / 7-11 / Gas station is always hiring somewhere in the vicinity. Go get a second job.

Lori said...

I suppose this isn't the time to ask for a loan?

As a professional writer and editor, I often find myself knee-deep in poorly written dreck. I'd rather eat glass than pay to read some of the poorly written sex dreck on some blogs.

But that's just me. You may prefer to drink molten lead.

I'm feelin' mean tonight.

Tom Allen said...


Oh my! I've noticed that in the last six months or so, half the people on my blogroll seem to have gone with ads, or sponsored links, or some kind of kickback from adult toy companies.

I get emails from the more well-known toy shops asking if I'd be interested in similar arrangements, but so far I haven't bothered. I generally dislike most of the items for sale, anyway, so I'd just rant about how they could have been made better. Who'd buy them from me after reading a review?

Stay independent, Luka!

Sulpicia said...

Mmm. Yes. I actually feel a huge amount of emo-psyche-release after reading that one.

Anonymous said...

Bored of Blogs,beyond.

Riff Dog said...

I do have to admit that I have a paid link on my own blog, but that's just because I was linking the site anyway (the site my blog is based on.) I know that's not what you're talking about here, but I still feel a little weird about it.

Where I have a problem is when a blogger shifts from the "Writing this is fun!" attitude to the "I should be compensated for the hard work work I put into this!" attitude. It's their right, of course, but the writing invariably goes downhill when that becomes the attitude.

Helga Hansen said...

Sorry, I don't pay compensation if you insist on reading my drivel. Consider yourself warned! :D

PS. I'm not interested in your cash - I'm more interested in the buttons you've got stashed down the back of your sofa! :P

Anonymous said...

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Suzanne Portnoy said...

The truth about making cash for blogging is that it's very, very difficult unless you're incredibly dedicated and work at it. I've had an amazon link up since my first book was published and, guess what, I still haven't received a cheque. Anyone who thinks that paid for ads will earn them a living is mistaken. Overall, I think it cheapens the look and feel of a blog and compromises the blogger's integrity. I've rejected all paid for links as I think it's a waste of time.

Luka said...

Ro - punching people in the face never makes me feel better. It is hell on the knuckles.

Dangerous Lilly - the range of things some people will ask others to pay for never ceases to amaze me. I suppose we all have different levels on the pride barrier.

Lori - you're feisty! I like that.

Tom - I get those emails too. Hasn't been one I thought would add to the boudoir in any way so far.

Sulpicia - I am like an enema for the pysche.

Anonymous - indeed.

Riff - I know exactly what you mean. The "you should pay to read what I write, it's work after all" attitude. The problem is, unless you can write better than any other read-for-free blogger on the net you're not going to have many takers.

Helga - those were chocolate buttons I'm afraid and have made a bit of a mess.

Suzanne - yes, I have heard form others just how hard it is to make a living from blogging. I get a bit upset when a blog I have followed for ages suddenly smothers itself in paid links and ads. It's like finding your favourite book has suddenly had fliers for takeaways and carpet warehouses glued onto every other page.