Sunday, 15 November 2009

Let It Grow

When you first left I was bereft
I cried about you all night long
But then I knew what I should do
I let my pubic hair grow long

My underwear is full of hair
It's like Chewbacca in a thong
Now you're not here I just don't care
I let my pubic hair grow long

The time I save now I don't shave!
To wear fanny fur isn't wrong
I won't pluck ahead of a fuck
I let my pubic hair grow long.


Glasjay said...

Evening Luka. It must be poetry night!
Don't look like a child, let your fanny be wild
You let your pubic hair grow long
you know, if you want to

Helga Hansen said...

You should contact Tim Minchin and ask him if he'll sing your song... I reckon he would love it!!

ceeej said...

Apologies, it's early and there's only been one cup of coffee so far....

'Tis every woman's right,
To not shave every night,
To not wax her muff,
Or remove that fluff,
To give your partner a fright,
With that hirsute sight,
But of a shaved muff my dear,
The advantage is clear,

No stuck hairs in my throat,
Like I'd been chewing a goat.

There, told you I needed another coffee.

ceeej said...

Bloody hell, it wasn't that bad was it?

Happy said...

There's a thin line it's often said
'twixt love and hate, but this'll
sort out who loves you
do they complain when their tongue encounters bristle?

Furry or smooth both have pro and con
It's a matter of personal choice
But when he's been down there getting it on
Does his tongue swell and alter his voice?

It's your body and for sure it's you hair
That you keep or remove at your whim
But remember, when there's a pube in his throat
That this time you chose to choke him...

[I'll get me coat]

Luka said...

Glasjay - when the muse is upon me I can do nothing but let the poetry flow, wild and free, like my hair.

Helga - well I was thinking of another Christmas album...

Ceeej - very good, regardless of caffeine levels!

Happy - are you implying I have loose pubes?

Happy said...

In my experience there's always one
That comes adrift to tease
It's still an awful lot of fun
And always a pleasure to please

But to find oneself sucking
One's teeth whilst you're fucking
Is not an appropriate act

And to be coughing and choking
When one should be emoting
Can be quite off-putting - FACT.

But still I don't mind
'cause I'll still, seek and find
and e'en if you're moulting
I'll still be exalting
In the joy that is found when you're mined


PS - Happy would like it known that this piece of doggerel is NOT intended to introduce any thought into any reader's head that might suggest that he has personal knowledge of Luka's ladyparts coiffeure
(not that he wouldn't, given the chance, but - well, the chance isn't likely to be given so, well, errmmm best I stop now eh?)

PPS - sorry about the use of 'mined' as a euphemism. But it rhymed!

Jackie Adshead said...

So is there a direct connection to how much you love someone by how much you shave your pubes? :)

Luka said...

Happy - If you've brought your helmet with the little light on top I wouldn't mind a mining.

Jackie - not exactly, it is more closely related to lust rather than love.