Monday, 9 November 2009

I Am A Top Sex Blogger of 2009, Apparently

Happy days!

Rori over at Between My Sheets has posted her list of Top Sex Bloggers 2009 and there, nestling between Ms Justine and Ang, is my good self at number 57.

I was surprised enough to be on the list for 2008 and felt sure this was an oversight which would be corrected next time round, but to see I am on the list again has jettisoned me beyond raised eyebrows and straight into mouth open territory.

This only goes to show that the vast majority of sex bloggers have a great sense of humour and don't get hysterical about grumpy old ratbags posting crap. So I wave a cheery two fingers at those uppity "literate" types who no longer blog because they are so deathly fucking dull and no one likes them. "Stick your Moleskine notebook up your arse," I say. "Silliness and posts about sex toys made of Lego, that's what the punters want. And, by god, they'll get them!"


Glasjay said...

Sex toys made of Lego you say?
*rings patent office*

Ceeej said...

Hmm, sandwiched between a professional dominatrix and a sweaty Irishwoman, sounds like a damn good party to me, all it needs now is wobbly vodka things to make it perfect.


pateinduced said...

Who are the grumpy old ratbags?

Lay on, [Ms.] MacDuff!

Sulpicia said...

Well... Duh. Top sex blogger of the century.

Jackie Adshead said...

Well done! And well deserved!

Carnalis said...

the one and only .. more silliness, please!


Luka said...

Glasjay - indeedy, one of my most painfully arousing concepts.

Ceeej - I am a wobbly vodka thing.

Pateinduced - I am the founder of the Grumpy Old Ratbag Club.

Sulpicia - you, my lovely, are far too generous.

Jackie - thank you, though I'm not so sure about deserving it.

Carnalis - always!

Boxer said...

oh Luka, my sweet, you will always be my top sex blogger.


Luka said...

Boxer - blows kisses your way and throws the ball for the dog x