Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flesh My Bot

Thank you Fleshbot Fairy for helping my rather silly Audience Participation Sexy Sex Post reach a much wider audience than my usual hardcore posse of Boudoir bandits.

I wonder if all those visitors via Fleshbot thought my post was a genuine attempt at erotica, or if, among the purple prose and lurid linguistics of the sex blogging world, it is indistinguishable from the real deal?

I may never know but I like to imagine.


Ro said...

Sorry? Are you telling me that wasn't meant to be taken seriously.


Now I am embarrassed ...

Luka said...

Ro - no need for embarrassment. Even my stupid posts are sexier than those of other, inferior sex blogs. Who wouldn't get the horn?

Riff Dog said...

That's pretty funny that you got a Fleshbot mention for that one. It was a great post, but I do wonder if the editors really knew that it was a joke or not. I probably shouldn't say this with my (fake) name signed to it, but I sometimes think they don't really read the posts they recommend.

I once got a Fleshbot mention (I've only had two) for a post where I only got to "second base," if that. Kissing and a little groping, that was it. And I didn't go into any real detail about any of it in the post. The post was mostly just my usual dopey jokes with a cliffhanger tacked onto the end.

I really didn't understand why it got a mention, especially because the Fleshbot "theme" for that week was "Cock Allure" and they specifically said about that week's posts, "it's all about the cock." Yet no mention of any cock in my post. Weird.

Pateinduced said...

Well... If you are too shy to accept the golden award, send it my way.

Good team effort, yah!!! ;>


Ceeej said...

Umm, fleshbot's American right?

They don't do irony or sarcasm, there's probably a couple of thousand fleshbot readers fwapping away to that post I type this!

Luka said...

Riff - You are right, I have checked the Fleshbot archives and the selected posts frequently have little in common with the chosen theme. Then again, after many years of having to come up with variations on "It's Cock Week! or "Let's Hear it for Vaginas!" and the accompanying, soul destroying trawl through the sex blogs du jour, I can see why you'd just do it more or less at random in about 10 minutes. That said, my post was (rightly) chosen with great care and perception as I am incredibly talented in the sexy story department.

Pate - I'm sure you'll have awards of your own to flaunt once you've made enough noise. (That's all I do - I just keep banging on until people give me something to go away.)

Ceeej - I fervently hope so.