Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Normal Service Has Been Lost

My apologies. I can't do barbed or funny or even mildly twat-like at the moment.

I can't be arsed to bang on about it here, because it's A. depressing and B. of no interest to the majority of casual passersby.

Normal service will be resumed when I am happy again.


B said...

~passes virtual cup of tea and leaves quietly~

Virtual cups of tea are shite. I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry.

Ro said...

Take your time, let this crisis pass, and one day you'll be ready to let rip with an exceptionally barbed, funny and twat-like post again :-)

We'll be waiting. And I just hope you reach that point again Real Soon Now.

Riff Dog said...

You're not still upset because I was just pretending to be a poove, are you? I promise my next hug will be much more appropriate and controlled.

I hope you feel good soon, Luka.

Luka said...

B - virtual cups of tea are not shite, just virtual, and appreciated nonetheless. x

Ro - I think I am ready to be a twat again :) x

Riff - I suddenly realised just how wide the Atlantic is, and the despair got to me. x