Saturday, 19 September 2009

Audience Participation Antici....pation

I am impressed at the creative and disturbing suggestions that have been made in the comments of my previous post. I shall most certainly endeavour to weave all of these bizarre requests into the concluding installment of Big Bosom Bunk Up.

But not yet.

I am off on an adventure for the next week so you deviant bunch of perverts will just have to wait.


Ceeej said...

Oh you're such a tease...

Pateinduced said...

Okay, I made it too difficult. You are struggling with my contribution. I am learning that my imagination is at the earthy, overly technorati end of boring.

You may delete the shower paraphernalia. I can't see walls collapsing, although we had a tub drop 6-inches when ants and termites in the walls hadn't designed for two bathers at once. Curtain rods have suffered from many structural tests.

I know ladies are much more adapted to peering through suds than men--we don't paint our eyes ... as often. But, do include this one, blindly chasing a bar of soap. Every man knows this experience.

And, shreading towels for ligature was a nod to, in my experience, every female's favorite pastime--shopping.

With deepest, humblest succor,


Anonymous said...

It's astounding, how time is fleeting, if you don't post soon I fear madness may take control, it's been almost two weeks, I feel like I've dropped into a timewarp again.