Monday, 27 July 2009


I won't be a victim of sexual fashion
I don't want to follow the style of the crowd
I'm able to demonstrate suitable passion
In spite of pubes that would make Chewbacca proud

I don't want to be fucked in my raddled old arse
My fanny won't squirt jets of cum in the air
A threesome? An orgy? They're a surburban farce
Enjoyed the most by those who simply weren't there

There's a lot to be said for being out of style
(No razor rash, sore ring, no sheets to get dry!)
A sexual maverick, a Fleshbot exile
It's not fashionable but it's well worth a try


Sulpicia said...

I LOVE unfashionable.

I am also a fleshbot exile. (That made me snort.) Too many non-sexy posts, I guess.

Who gives a fuck.

I do wish I could read new words by you more often... But I shall take what I can get.

Hope you are well...


Ceeej said...

Keyboard, soaked in tea and hobnob crumbs, all your fault, bill on it's way to you as we speak...

Anonymous said...


Most excellent! Be your own temple -- or in your case, your own boudoir.

Anonymous said...

But adventure is good, exploration is cool
There's stuff that I still haven't done
Are you saying that trying it makes me a fool?
Would you deny me my fun?

There's nothing that says that you have to be bold
Nothing to force you to stick
To laying their quietly just cos you're old
And opening your legs for his prick

I am sure, Luka dear, that you're not quite so staid
As you may pretend to us here
I've no doubt that when it is time to get laid
You'll go where the mood takes you, with no fear.

So what if I come up with pubes in my teeth
And you'd rather I used the front door
You're not the type to lay quiet beneath
And I'm sure you've been known to say 'more'.

love n kisses


Carnalis said...


a three minute scuttling from behind would be great, ta .. to give my butt a rest ;p

Luka said...

Sulpicia - thank you. I have been somewhat overwhelmed by Real Life (tm) lately, hence my reduced output online, but I am never gone for long.

Ceeej - I take no responsibility for hob or any other kind of nob mishap.

Tom - it's the only way to fly.

Freddy - that was excellent, as ever.

Carnalis - you only have to ask.

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