Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Salute to the Sun

It's been a demanding few weeks, hence my lack of online presence.

I can't share all my dramas and woes as that would reveal far too much about Who I Really Am, and that would never do. Suffice it to say that a couple of events have had me doubting my judgement and calling myself several kinds of fool. It's enough to make a woman tense and irritable.

Wine has helped, of course. I have eaten too many crisps though and an unfeasibly large amount of chocolate. These are the oral pleasures I habitually turn to when in need of comfort, and I really shouldn't since comfort is so readily available from many other, less lardy, sources.

Exploring these alternative avenues led me to my first ever yoga session earlier today. Bearing in mind I am a complete beginner, I can look back at my attempts to contort my body into new and interesting positions and say, with some pride, that I am absolutely terrible at yoga. I spent a great deal of time giggling uncontrollably though, which I am sure does a body just as much good as being able to get your big toe up your own ringpiece.

Tomorrow I shall try modern dance.


Ceeej said...

I'd stick with the yoga, it's almost de rigeur to fart in some of the more advanced positions..

Heff said...

"Oral Pleasures", huh ? Oh, nevermind....

Sulpicia said...

I'd start with a nice long walk. Walking is good. I'm here to tell you yoga is EASY as compared to modern dance. (Ducking as the handbag comes flying my way.)

I huffed and puffed my way through practicing (pretending) to do the salute to the sun.

Hope things settle. XS

jholliday said...

My problem with Yoga and its ilk is that 1) if I'm stressed, the last thing I can do is clear my mind and 2) if I'm going to do a workout, I better be sweating at the end of it. I never feel like I've done much of anything except waste my time (and therefore makes me more stressed that I lost time where I could have done something on my To Do list)!


Jackie Adshead said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the experimentation.... with crisps and chocolate, I mean! :) Hope the dance is fun too!!

Ro said...

Laughter is good, especially when one can laugh at ones own antics. Keep up the good work - just try not to forget your loyal readers :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't even manage a decent downward dog :-(

chocolate rules

Luka said...

Ceeej - it's all about relaxing those muscles, it's true.

Heff - oh yes indeedy.

Sulpicia - Walking is still my favourite. Unless I've had a drink and then dancing is my favourite.

jholliday - I know exactly what you mean.

Jackie - Dance is always fun! I have had no crisps in over a week, which is a Good Thing. I have had several rice cakes instead which is a Bad Thing. They may have hardly any calorific content but they also have zero pleasure content.

Ro - I would never forget you lovely lot.

Nurse Myra - Chocolate is love, squared.