Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Ealier today I received an email from a very nice anti-plagiarism crusader informing me that some of my posts were being cut and pasted onto some dreadful godforsaken blog on the find-a-social-incompetent-and-shag-them site Adult FriendFinder. Apparently someone calling themselves FoxyNE was busy pillaging sex blog sites far and wide and posting their contents as her own.

I was somewhat surprised to learn my words had been looted too, as, to be frank, I would have thought that you'd want to post something sexually stimulating or alluring on AFF. I mostly babble crap and stagger around being offensive. It's a bit of a poor do if you haven't the wit to think of saying "sex bloggers are silly" or "you're a twat" for yourself.

So, off I went to check out the offending post for myself but, of course, I wasn't able to view it unless I became a member. So I did just that. Pulsating with righteous indignation I became a huge, throbbing member, thrusting into the dank ringpiece of the internet that is AFF blogs.

Once signed up I immediately tracked down the post in question and composed a friendly little heads-up comment, thusly:

"Foxy, you are a terrible and unrepentant plagiarist. You have stolen this almost verbatim from the post Great Expectations on the most excellent blog Barbed Wire Boudoir. I am reliably informed that this is not the first time you have done so, nor is this the only blog you have ransacked for material to pad out your own pathetic attempts to string an original sentence together.

Rest assured this will be flagged up to you, your handful of readers and the site admins at AFF each and every time you show yourself up in this tawdry manner. Try a little self respect for heaven’s sake, possibly try an evening class or two on writing. Maybe get a life so you can write about your own instead of leeching from your betters, you sad, sorry individual."

I hit send and saw that my comment was awaiting blog owner approval. I did not hold my breath. However, a short while later the entire post was deleted, so score one to Kick Arse Luka. There are still a plethora of plagiarised posts which have not been deleted however, and much as I may lampoon sex bloggers I do not like to see them being ripped off. They spend a lot of time and effort thinking up new ways of saying "he put his willy in me and it did feel good and I did squirt my love jam up his curtains" and for someone else to take that hard work, format it in lurid pink, cover it in nausea inducing glittery icons, put it on a sex site and wait for the accolades from "SuperDong of Dorking" to then trickle in is just galling in the extreme.

Readers and fellow bloggers alike I implore you, whenever you encounter plagiarism of this sort do flag it up and do please join me in being a total pain in the rump for such ripoff merchants. Together we can't actually stamp this practice out at all, but we can make the occasional plagiaristic fantasist stop for a moment, readjust their wig and their wife's knickers as they type in the darkened living room, curtains drawn against prying eyes, and think "fuck, I've been rumbled."

It is a lost cause, but a fun one to play.


Helga Hansen said...

You tell 'em, Luka! :) I don't think it will happen to me... I don't have sex often enough to blog about it! :D

Luka said...

Helga - :) Oh dear! But that is what confused me, I don't really write about having sex at all!

Tom Allen said...

I've had some of my stories lifted, and recently somebody told me "What do you care, it's not like you get paid for writing them?"


Good on you for following up and kicking some ass.

Sulpicia said...

Ok. It's official. I have a girl crush.

Joking aside (I think I'm joking) this is a whole new area of the internet I feel I have not exploited. I am now plotting methods to steal your stevies and ensure you never hear about it. A new blog perhaps? Gah. This is going to be complicated but will certainly lighten my mood.

What's the cliche??? Palgiarism is the highest form of adulation?

I doubt anyone would care to steal my shit and I read only a handful of blogs -- so useless to your crusade.

Ro said...

"SuperDong of Dorking"

Hell's teeth! Who told you about my old AFF ID??? ;-)

Go kick 'em, gal! I'm another one who doesn't expect anyone to bother with stealing his wittering ... but plagiarism stinks all the same.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO at your description:

"on the find-a-social-incompetent-and-shag-them site Adult FriendFinder!

You have just made my day!

Luka said...

Tom - what an annoying argument. By the same token one wouldn't then be upset if someone stole your Christmas presents, since they were given freely in the first place.

Sulpicia - you'd be surprised what people will take and recycle as their own online!

Ro - it was a lucky guess and too many HNTs.

Ms S - I am very glad to have done so.

B said...

When I was in college the first time some complete moron stole a piece I had made out of the skip and handed it in as their own. Eejit. It was in the skip for a reason. That's the only bit of plagarism I have experienced, and it was more than a little lame (especially as I had signed the piece in 1" letters). Despite me obviously not wanting the thing, I was outraged that some bastard could come along and profit (or not, as the case was) from my hard graft.

I will indeed keep my eye out... but I don't think I frequent the type of establishments that harbour such low-lives.

(incidentally, they stole your work because it makes more than a soft chuckle, and there is no quicker way into knickers. Duh)

pippirose said...

Hahaha! Love your blog...and great letter!
Yes, she is STILL posting at least 2 stolen pieces a day.
If anyone knows how to contact the following 2 bloggers, let me know. Foxy has stolen 3 from each of them:

Walker said...

I had that happen once and went right over and complained that if they were going to steal my sex talks then they should get a chick with some tits to pose instead of that anorexic creature they found in some morgue

Luka said...

B - I've heard of people going through skips in order to take a salvageable lamp or chair, butnever an essay! That's a new one on me.

Pippirose - I wonder how she copes in real life when she has to open her mouth and use her own words?

Walker - quite right too!

Awareness said...

This happened to me this weekend! 12 posts were poached and posted by another blogger. I was incensed!!! What started off as a feeling of being violated when I found the scumbag plagarist turned into a group of bloggers and friends banding together to nail the guy! His blog is now gone, and i hate the fact that my intellectual property is forever cached under his name, I am glad he was SHAMED because of his illegal and immoral actions.

I am also so grateful for the support I received. It was quite an amazing feeling.

Luka said...

Awareness - Hello! It is a horrible feeling when you see your work being passed off as another's. Lazy-arsed fuckers. I'm so glad you got it sorted and had lots of support.