Friday, 29 May 2009

The Joy of Flirtation

I do like a flirt.

The very best kind of flirting leaves me giddy and a little silly, as if I had just necked a bottle of champagne. Only with less burping. Mostly.

Oh, a quality flirt is an uncommon treat. I savour them when they occur. I enjoy each parry and thrust of conversation, the pleasurable jolt of eye contact. I savour every delicious moment of understanding.

A skilfull flirtation is like a Funsize relationship. All that promise and possibility condensed into a five minute phone call or chance encounter in the newsagents, and with none of the bad bits. No regrets or recriminations, no drama, you just smile and move on to the rest of your day.

I like a good flirt. Bad flirts, on the other hand, are, at best, like being slobbered on by an over-exuberant bloodhound and, at worst, like being chatted up by Dirty Bert the comedy perve. A clumsy attempt at flirtation is just awkward and embarrassing for all concerned.

So, tell me. When did you last enjoy a really good flirt?


Sulpicia said...

I cannot answer your question. I just want you to flirt with ME.

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure that I ever stop flirting. I might one day, but not just yet. :-)

It's too much fun. But as they say, it's not the catch, more the thrill of the chase.

Fancy a frolic? ;-)

puckrup said...

Recently. And it was pure class...:)

Freddy said...

way too long ago :-(

Ceeej said...

Every day, doesn't matter if it's with my partner, the girl in the call centre or a customer, the day's not complete without a flirt or two..

Brian said...

If there is one thing that pissed me off about the sex education I got in school it was we were never taught how to flirt, chat up. Some people it just came naturally to. Others hadn't a clue. What's the point in learning all the mechanics if you have no hope of getting near the machine! I got there in the end mind. ;-)

Luka said...

Sulpicia - it would be my pleasure.

The Famulus - I always fancy a frolic. And a biscuit.

Puckrup - :)

Freddy - FREDDY! Yay, you're back! Where have you been? Give us a big hug! And a biscuit.

Ceeej - I agree with you entirely.

Brian - you have made a very good point there! There is definitely a gap in all our formal educations when it comes to the fine art of seduction.

Jackie Adshead said...

Like you, I love to flirt - I even flirt with the cat!!! :)

Its that frisson of interest, the eye contact, the understanding that someone is on your wave length even if you are together for only five minutes, and its magical when it happens.

My most memorable of recent times was last year in France when I was purchasing some items from a market stall holder and he stopped dead in his tracks the second he saw me, made loads of smiling eye contact, and comments about making babies with me, made me laugh big time, held my hand and flirted outrageously with me. Lovely!!! I spent the rest of the day with a big cheesy grin on my face. Its not real in any way, its just FUN when two people contact on some level like that. I love it!!!!!

Luka said...

Jackie - exactly, it is at worst harmless and at best positively beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday! At the locksmiths. It helped lessen the pain I felt on finding out a replacement key for may car was going to cost me $165.00!

Damn immobiliser I never even knew I had. There goes my dream of someone stealing my car so I could collect the insurance

Luka said...

Nurse Myra - How much?! I admire your ability to flirt whilst having to bite back the sobs of anguish at the extortionate bill!