Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Glutton's Lament

I have overindulged
I am bloated
It's true
I have drunk too much wine
My poor liver!
I knew
I would eat my own weight
In fine cheeses
Bread too
When throwing a party
Over a week
Or two.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Welcome back! Missed your cheek...

Walker said...

Don't sweat the pleasures of life.
You'll sweat enough later as you sit there with the crowbar trying to get it back out.

Heff said...

You know, it ALMOST sounded like you were complaining, lol !

Jackie Adshead said...

Does that mean the party was over a week or two in length, so much that you're not exactly sure, OR does it mean the party was over a week or two ago? It sounds a hell of a party, either way! :)

Luka said...

SCW - hard to miss something that big!

Walker - sound advice, as ever :)

Heff - almost, but I can always find a silver lining in prolonged fine living.

Jackie - it was a looooong week or so.