Monday, 6 April 2009

Wibble Wobble

When he pounds my body in that energetic way I can see, and feel, my belly and bosoms undulating like an enormous, Rubenesque jelly. On a plate.

Everything is in motion. No rock hard porn star tits for me, nipples poking resolutely ceilingwards. No flat washboard stomach, no taut thighs. My body behaves as if an internal wave machine has just been switched on. I make a mental note that belly surfing should be a recognised sport.

Should I have kept my basque on for a more pleasing effect, I wonder? Tried to tame the wobbly bits a bit? It seems my concerns are unfounded.

"You're fucking beautiful," he murmurs, gazing fondly down upon my breasts as they quiver like two cherry-topped pink blancmanges on a bouncy castle. "You're so gorgeous."

It may just be that he loves desserts of course, but I am immensely cheered nonetheless.


Heff said...

Fuck a dessert !!! bosoms undulating !!!!

unique_stephen said...

Sounds like the first porno i watched

bounce bounce

had an indelible effect on me

Some Chilean Woman said...

Very touching. Makes me want to go home from work and give my man my Nutella (I'm not pink), he loves desserts too.

Freddy said...

freddy is struggling to find words that are suitably appropriate without sounding either sycophantic or pervy, please insert your own message of appreciation for both the post and the sentiment expressed.

Ceeej said...

Jelly on a plate? Do I really have to add the 'wibble wobble' or is that just to be assumed?

Now tell us all about the jelly and ice cream...

Luka said...

Heff - it's good stuff!!!

Unique Stephen - was it a "Confessions" style 1970s flick? They were very bouncy as I recall.

Some Chilean Woman - yummy! Creme caramel is always a treat as well.

Freddy - thank you kindly (though there's nothing wrong with pervy, you know!)

Ceeej - it was a mere trifle.

Ceeej said...

Hundreds and maybe thousands would disagree.

I've never been keen on blancmange although I'm willing to give another chance now.

Carnalis said...

a fucking gorgeous post :)

Walker said...

Life in motion is always delicious especilly if its free and out of control :)