Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I have been less inspired barb-wise lately.

I still find sex bloggers hilarious and frustrating in equal measure, I still have lots I wish to highlight and much I long to lampoon, yet I find my time is currently taken up with more pressing issues. When I do find I have a few minutes at the laptop I tend to fire off a couple of pithy tweets rather than expanding my thoughts into a whole blog post. Blogging lethargy has me in its grip.

Not that I am alone. Many of my favourite blogs have gone quiet or disappeared altogether. There must be something in the air. Or maybe it's just real life reclaiming its rightful priority in the order of things.

So, my apologies to those who still stop by here hoping for an invigorating shot of vitriol in the mornings. Normal service will be resumed as soon as my motivation levels rise accordingly. In the meantime, should you be so inclined, do feel free to suggest topics for me to cover. You may well hit on something I can't resist getting my teeth into.


Jackie Adshead said...

I couldn't possibly suggest anything for you to "have a go" at..... its like when someone says to me "paint a picture of a dog, you're good at those". I may well be good at those, and I might well have done a good picture of one recently, BUT I have to FIND my own inspiration by what MOVES and INSPIRES me. And I think you are the same with your creative vitrol. You cannot be pointed at a subject, you must FIND it for yourself. But only when the time is right. Never before then.

Hope its soon though.... for you.

Some Chilean Woman said...

I think more Lego posts would be fun.

Helga Hansen said...

I hear you. I am currently in "I have nothing important to share" mode - and like you, do minimal communication via Twitter. It works for now.

Nothing wrong with real life getting in the way - it would be more worrying if we didn't have that real life, eh?

Tom Allen said...

I don't think that it's necessary to apologize; we all have periods in which we're busy, or uninspired. Or in which nothing is happening worth mentioning.

I go through times where I spend most of my time commenting instead of writing, just because I can't get up enough energy to commit a bunch of paragraphs to the (electronic) paper, let alone go back to edit them.

But eventually it comes back. Just remember that we enjoy reading you, and that a time out can recharge your creative batteries when you're ready.

Carnalis said...

We have your lovely ankles to look at, regardless, and we are patient.

I hope real life is enjoyable x

Carnalis said...
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Luka said...

Jackie - while it's true I need inspiration to strike, I can also be inspired from the most seemingly mundane conversations with others.

Some Chilean Woman - They would but I always find there's a piece missing.

Helga - it's better to have a life than not, most definitely!

Tom - thank you, it's always comforting to know you still enjoy my ramblings!

Carnalis - real life is a blend of enjoyment and exhaustion, but overall it's good. x