Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Luka Learns How to be Selfish

Where have I been, you ask?

Out in the real world, I answer.

I've had a minor social experiment, a personal life change. A readjusting of my life/work/online balance. It has been successful and has done me much good. I still need to trim a bit of fat, to cut back on all those things which do me no good, but overall I am moving in the right direction.

I don't know about you, but my life seems to be stuck on fast forward at the moment. A blink and another month has gone. I try to slow it down but to no avail. Perhaps this is an unavoidable part of growing older.

So, with time an increasingly scarce commodity, I have been spending that which I have on my nearest and dearest, rather than frittering it away on those who do not love me anywhere near as much. It is a benevolent selfishness. I no longer waste my resources on unrewarding enterprises. I only give time and love to those who give time and love back to me. It has taken me years to wise up to this and I can't help but wonder how much more I will have learned in another decade.

What wise words would you pass on to yourself if you could travel back ten years in time?


Carnalis said...

Best wishes in your new lifestyle x i shall miss you

Ceeej said...

Wisdom? None, because I know I'd ignore my own best advice and do it 'my way' anyway.

Hope the red wine wears off and you stick around, if not, thanks for the laughs.

Jackie Adshead said...

Learn from every experience in life, which is what you've done. Learn and grow from it. Some of the things I did 10 years ago I wouldn't do now, but thats because I am the person built upon the experiences of 10 years ago. Its never too late to change, if you want to. I'm glad you've got love and people who love you. You've got a lot here too, albeit not on the same level. I hope you are able, every so often, to come into our world too.....

Walker said...

You got to find time for yourself.
I have started and i am enjoying it more.
Besides damn kids dont give you much time.

If i could go back ten years I'm tell myself nothing and just pparty with me LOL

Leslie said...

My Philosophy in life, do what you want in life. Do what makes you happy, because you only get one.

Heff said...

Only ten years back wouldn't help me, lol.

Boxer said...

one of your best posts, and you've written a lot of really good ones.


I'd tell myself to lighten up, because you get older and time passes, people die and it's best to relax and enjoy it.

Luka said...

Carnalis - I am not going anywhere, I am just going to try to get my real life/cybernonsense balance right from now on x

Ceeej - Oh, much like a lingering odour of cat wee, I'll never leave entirely.

Jackie - I am constantly impressed by how much I learn, daily. The me of 10 years ago - the me of 10 weeks ago, even - knew so little!

Walker - Oh, I can always find time for a good time :)

Leslie - very true. Life is far too short to waste on unrewarding pursuits.

Heff - heh - how far would?

Boxer - thank you, as ever. I want to learn how to not to sweat the small stuff, as that still gets me now and then x