Thursday, 5 March 2009

Luka's Fantasy Fuckfest

I am not sucking that
No. You can suck me
Then go. Don't come back
Unless it's with tea.


Ro said...

Ah, but this raises one crucial question: what kind of tea?

Freddy said...

how very domme!

Freddy said...

you'll suck what you're told
and like it,
So get down there and start
And if you do it well enough
I won't hold the quilt tight
and fart

brave words, from a distance
but oh, they're not mindful of truth
Because now, I'm thinking
If you're sucking, not drinking
There is danger contained iin your tooth

Luka said...

Ro - that depends. Sometimes I want PG Tips, sometimes I want something herbal.

Freddy - Your words are so bold
But I don't know a time
I have done as I'm told
Not even in rhyme

Walker said...

No lemon, it stings.

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