Monday, 23 March 2009


The perfect investment opportunity has arisen for all Barbed Wire Boudoir fans, everywhere.

I have been working tirelessly on my new project - Barbed Wire Boudoir, the Musical - for some weeks now. That's why I have been so unnaturally quiet lately. All my creative juices have been flowing into this particular endeavour.

The production is of a groundbreaking and unique nature, being performed entirely by sock puppets in a cardboard box theatre.

In this manner I hope to keep costs down without sacrificing my artistic vision.

Even so, I find I need at least a further £15.50 to stage Barbed Wire Boudoir, the Musical. I need a bit more felt and some sequins, plus a new bulb for the fairy lights.

If you have more money than sense and want to help finance my dream please contact me at the usual address. In return for your backing you get your name in crayon on the front of the box and a sock puppet of your own.


Ceeej said...

Ah, I can offer technical support and a new bulb for the lights... Cash, I'm a bit strapped for.

Luka said...

Ceeej - Have you any socks to spare as well? That would be helpful for the chorus line.

Ceeej said...

Plenty, some of them even match!

EmmaK said...

I can't spare any cash right now but I'm sending over a box of buttons and some old socks.

Carnalis said...

i have dozens of small boy socks, all mismatched. Some have Bob the builder on them, or Spiderman, which might help in visualisation, perhaps?

that second photo is quite erotic, in a way. I think it is the gumless smile. If i donate, may i dip my fingers in your puppet?

Walker said...

Sorry no spare cash but i have a few single socks that are looking for a had to cral up them.
Do they have to be washed?

Freddy said...

will there be nakedness?
or will it just be mental?

Whichever, may I recommend that you write to the BBC and offer to do auditons on Saturday evenings. You could title the show "Either foot will do", or something much more witty that I can't come up with right now

Mandy said...

teehee I've just read Suzanne Portnoy's blog and this made me giggle! :D :D :D I must warn you though, you may have to check for copywrite on the sock puppet from Sifl and Olly (Liam Lynch, you tube it :-D)

Luka said...

Ceeej - then welcome aboard, partner!

Emma - thanks and welcome to the wonderful world of musical sock theatre!

Carnalis - those socks could be good for the big choral numbers.

If you donate there will be a stocking with your name on it.

Walker - I think due to the strict health and safety conditions I have to meet in my puppet theatre I would have to insist you chip the worst of the dirt off them first.

Freddy - in my production it's a kind of mentalist nudity thang.

Maybe my TV programme could be called "StocKing and I"? (Groan)

Mandy - sheer coincidence on all counts I'm sure!

Suzanne Portnoy said...


Luka said...

Suzanne - I try.

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