Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sensitivity Fun Quiz

You know how it is. Some people are sensitive souls who take everything to heart. Their thin skins feel every perceived slight. Others have a hide like a Kevlar rhino and are entirely impervious to barbs. But how can you tell which category you fall into? No problem. Simply take this Fun Quiz to find out!

1. A friend says that some people do not look good in tight jeans. Do you:

A) Immediately assume she means that you look like a walrus in denim and retire, hurt, to the wardrobe before taking a flamethrower to all your jeans and deleting your friend's name from your phone?
B) Agree that not everyone suits every style of fashion?
C) Feel sorry for those types of people and glad that, fortunately, you look great in tight jeans, the tighter the better, and only wish they weren't so shoddily made, with their broken zips, burst buttons and flimsy seams?

2. At a party you spot your lover across the room, laughing and dancing with a remarkably good looking stranger. Do you:

A) Find your mind instantly swamped with images of them making energetic, sweaty love, in your bed, laughing at you, resulting in you leaving the party alone, throwing all your lover's possessions onto the lawn, then crying down the phone to your friends whilst consuming an entire tub of Haagan-Dazs and a bottle of vodka?
B) Raise a glass across the crowd, pleased that your lover is getting on with everyone so well?
C) Continue your own fascinating conversation with the charming individual you've managed to corner for most of the evening, who finds you so entertaining they keep looking over your shoulder and wildly gesticulating for more of their friends to come over to join the fun?

3. A blog post espouses a point of view which differs from your own. Do you:

A) Feel sure it is a jibe aimed at you, comment bitterly on the blog in question, change your online identity and start an anti-bullying campaign without delay?
B) Read it with passing interest and move on to the next blog in your reader?
C) Miss it entirely because you only read blogs almost identical to your own?

4. A blog post espouses a point of view which is similar to your own. Do you:

A) Feel sure it is a piss-take aimed at you, comment bitterly on the blog in question, change your online identity and start an anti-bullying campaign without delay?
B) Read it, comment positively and move on to the next blog in your reader?
C) Put the blog on your blogroll, nominate the author for an award, email them to invite them to lunch and tell anyone who'll listen just how great they are, how in tune with your way of thinking they are, how you have met your intellectual equal at last and feel slightly puzzled when they change their online identity and start an anti-stalking campaign without delay?

5. You see a news report about the fur trade. Do you:

A) Quickly change channels, unable to view more, whilst crying buckets over the fate of the poor little animals, and chuck red paint over your granny's sheepskin mittens next bingo night?
B) Send a fiver to Greenpeace?
C) Wonder why they have to put such things on at tea time, it almost put you off your veal and foie gras?

6. You haven't heard from someone you like a great deal for quite some time. Do you:

A) Fear the worst - they may be dead, or worse, shagging someone else - and go into a total decline, failing to wash and eating your own weight in biscuits whilst watching Trisha?
B) Give them a call to see how they are?
C) Fail to notice entirely?

7. Art is:

A) Something that speaks to your soul?
B) Subjective?
C) A bit poncey?

8. The last time you cried was:

A) When your souffle failed to rise and you felt this was somehow a reflection of your entire life?
B) When your dog got hit by the bread van?
C) When the doctor slapped your arse after successfully navigating your way out of your mother?

9. Poetry is:

A) Something that speaks to your soul?
B) All right?
C) A bit poncey?

10. This fun quiz made you feel:

A) A bit vulnerable, unsure and potentially victimised?
B) Like you wasted the last two minutes of your life?
C) Like a Kevlar rhino?

So, how did you do? Tot up your scores to find out!

Mostly As

You are a sensitive soul, deep, intense and with the ability to feel things more acutely than other people. You can always tell if there's a draught or if your mattress has a pea beneath it. Not everyone understands you. You spend a lot of time crying and using hypoallergenic products. Your sensitivity may not be too problematic in everyday life but in a survival situation you may well be killed and eaten first.

Mostly Bs

You're well adjusted and a bit boring.

Mostly Cs

You are confident, self assured and have a hide like a concrete water buffalo. Insults, insinuations, hints, allusions and tranquiliser darts all bounce harmlessly off you. The human equivalent of a bulldozer, you blithely continue on your way with scant regard for the subtleties and finer feelings of anything caught in your caterpillar tread. This might seem harsh, but it doesn't matter, as you won't take offence. You should go into politics, assuming you're not already.


Riff Dog said...

For number 10, I was going to put (B), but I think you were much too generous in your estimate of how fast I can read.


Sulpicia said...

Gosh. This one stumped me. The ob-gyn slapped my ass after examiming me when I was eight months pregnant... *Confounded and running to therapist to blather about barbed blogger*

Ro said...

I'm sorry but I failed to complete the quiz. I stumbled at number six: the own-weight-in-biscuits thing (though I prefer ice cream) but Trisha? TRISHA???

Come on, Luka - are you seriously expecting me to believe that anyone actually watches Trisha no matter how thin-skinned they may be?

Anonymous said...

Could be worse Ro, she could have said Jeremy Kyle.

Freddy said...

a bit boring am I?


B said...


So I'm a bit boring with Kevlar Rhino Tendencies.

I'm so proud

Luka said...

Riff - *I'll* do the barbed comments, thank you very much :)

Sulpicia - I'm going to put you down as a "don't know" then.

Ro - I can only answer this in song:
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through housewife suburbia
I'll show you something
To make you lose your mind

Anonymous - See above, repeat to fade.

Freddy - Hey, I don't make the rules,, wait a minute.

B - That's not a bad combination, I reckon.