Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Hide and Seek

You're looking for love in all the wrong places
Down on your knees and sitting on faces
Trying to grasp it with hands slick and sticky
You want validation, he wants a quickie

You're looking for love but you're searching in lust
Sifting through bodies for one you can trust
Defending yourself from another hard knock
You don't have relationships, you just have cock

You're looking for love and you hunt near and far
In beds not your own, the back of a car
A race against time - it runs out, so does luck
You seek what you hide from yourself in a fuck


Helga Hansen said...

I nominate you the Blog Poet Laureate...

... 'nuff said!

Sulpicia said...

Such an inspiration. Mind you, don't look too closely. My meter may be off!

Down on my knees, sitting on faces
Reminds me of being in races
Days when hot winds made me sweaty
Like a child slurping spaghetti

Love does not stand still by the clock
It may all seem easy post hoc
Fact is sometimes really good face
Feels oh so much better than lace

And when I’ve done flinging the sauce
Turning my back on Arctic moss
I’ll want more than an easy grope
I’ll know nothing runs out but hope


Freddy said...

When looking for lust it may be you'll find
The love that you thought had left you behind
It's often found in surprising places
So why not look by sitting on faces?

And meantime, whilst love is hiding
At least you'll have the joy of riding
You can make the choice to be down pressed
Or make the choice to be undressed

And while you're seeking gratuitous pleasure
Somewhere a serendipitous treasure
Is seeking too, so today's 'bit of fun'
May well be tomorrow's number one

or not, as the case may be

Suzanne Portnoy said...

My sentiments exactly.

Luka said...

Helga - do I get a badge?

Sulpicia - that was *excellent*. I hope that hope does not run out - I would prefer to believe it springs eternal. I am surprisingly optimistic for a confirmed cynic. x

Freddy & Suzanne -

(I am blessed with *two* poetic comments today! Yay! How many bloggers can claim to have such high culture in *their* comments box?)

While I agree that it is not impossible to find love unexpectedly via sex, I would argue that the odds are much more against you finding a happy ending when playing the numbers game and/or playing with those already in long term relationships. That's all well and good if the only goal is short term fun, but my impression is that there are many who ideally want more but can't seem to break the quick fix habit.

Trixie said...

Damn...that could be written about me!

EmmaK said...

This is nothing short of genius. I really need your rhyming couplets over on my blog today. The subject is bound to get your tongue in a lather: Tampons

Luka said...

Trixie - I think it could be written about any one of us at one point in our lives or another!

Emma - thank you! And I can feel the phrase "socket rocket" wanting to find a home already.

O said...


Luka said...

O - *bows*

Jackie Adshead said...

Very profound - and true!

Luka said...

Jackie - the truth is what makes my barbs so piercing :)