Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Luka's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath

It is possibly no surprise to learn that I have a bit of a temper. More than a bit.

Anger is not necessarily a bad thing and can be the driving force behind taking positive action and getting things done. Wrath, however, is something different. Less controlled, more self-indulgent. It is a surge of power, an adrenaline-fuelled rage. Much like a sneeze, or an orgasm, the explosive release feels good at the time. Then it all ebbs away and there you are in the debris, having to fetch a dustpan and brush, feeling much like the Incredible Hulk when the muscles deflate again and he's left in just his tattered trousers, in the drizzle.

While I have worked hard to tame the raging beast within over the years, there are still times when the fragile thread tethering it to the radiator in the basement of my mind simply snaps and off it bounds wild-eyed and free, fists flailing.

Wrath has caused me to, among other things:
  • Put my fist through a door
  • Kick another off its hinges
  • Have a fight at a wedding reception
  • Punch a man in a nightclub
  • Smash various household items
  • Hit someone in the face with a "Talking Tina" doll
  • Start blogging
On the plus side, I do have some interesting stories to tell.


Helga Hansen said...

There's a "Talking Tina" doll???

Wrath is my least favourite of the sins. It is not one I suffer from, but I am married to man who does. Serious damage to property and a loss of respect are the price he has paid. Mine.

Ro said...

Like anyone else, I can fall prey to anger but wrath, as you say, is a very different beastie. I prefer to stick with the cliched usage and leave the wrath to any God that wants it.

Have you ever thought of investing in a punch-bag? After all, you don't want to risk damage to another Talking Tina in future, do you?

At least it started you blogging :)

Carnalis said...

It is a good a reason as anything to start blogging .. infact, better than most. I think posturing should be deadly sin.

Walker said...

Sometime you just got to say fuckit and everyone run for the exits because I'm a comin in Hot.

My last ummmm tantrum put 4 cops in the hospital and a cruiser out of commission.
They said they won't bug me again while I'm eating dinner especially if i am eating suicide wings.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Sneezes and orgasms, my two favorite things -I'm easy to please.

Jackie Adshead said...

Mmmm.... should I be worried now? Or intrigued? They didn't ALL happen on the same day, did they? What a day, THAT must have been!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Classy chick...

Luka said...

Helga - There was indeed a Talking Tina doll, but it was the early nineties. She never worked properly again afterwards.

Ro - Fortunately I am much calmer in my maturity and no longer wreak devestation when angered. These days I can vent a great deal just by an impressive, sweary rant.

Carnalis - posturing is definitely a sin. We shall have to list updated deadly sins for the modern age.

Walker - Wow. You do wrath well!

Some Chilean Woman - *has inappropriate image of giant pepper pot in mind*

Jackie - I think even I would struggle to sustain enough wrath to cover all those incidents in one day!

Anonymous - I just can't do passive aggression. I am far more active than that.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting, the complete opposite of me. You will never see me punch anything, break anything, or physically yell at anyone . . . ever. While wrath is a bit destructive, at least you make your feelings known, and those interesting stories are definitely a plus. :)

Luka said...

Your Little Slut - As with so much, it's all a matter of getting the balance right.

Brian said...

Fight at a wedding reception? Chavtastic do tell! Maybe you could sign up to Grudgebox as an outlet?

Luka said...

Brian - it is a long story, but one I may well recount at some stage.