Thursday, 8 January 2009

Luka's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth

The modern understanding of sloth is that it is a term to denote laziness. However, in its original context, as a deadly sin, sloth meant sadness or despair. Apparently melancholy was perceived as a sin because that meant you were not enjoying and appreciating all the good things God had created for you.

I rather like the concept of sloth as goth. Under that definition I do indeed indulge in the sin of sloth. Those self-indulgent moments of "it's all too hard", the quivering lower lip at the injustice of it all, the playing of misery music, wallowing. Sometimes it is justified, and I have good cause to feel less than overjoyed with my current life situation, but other times it is an unwarranted, unwelcome visitor, swiftly draping a heavy cloak of sadness over my shoulders. It can be shaken off but sometimes there is a perverse pleasure to be had from wearing it for a while.

The more recent idea of sloth as idleness or apathy doesn't really apply in my circumstances. I can be lazy, or course, and opt for sitting on my arse with a good book rather than cleaning the fridge or emptying the bin, but most of the time I prefer to get things done. I can't bear things not to be the way I like them, so am always driven out of my armchair eventually.

I dislike laziness. I particularly dislike lazy blogging. Slothful blog posts include links to YouTube (check out this fab music video!), crappy quiz results (I am 98% mermaid!), and Sugasm. None of these involve any actual thought or writing talent and the "authors" should be smacked soundly around the legs and forced to repent.


Ro said...

Eek! I am a lazy blogger.

I shall be certain to ask The Beloved to smack me soundly around the legs next time we get together. And as long as I don't enjoy it too much, I will try to repent my evil ways.

Helga Hansen said...

So slap me about the legs and be done with you, dammit!

And then cheer up... hope there will be something to smile about soon xx

Freddy said...

links to youtube can be appreciated - links to sugasm require far more than a slap round the legs


Old and past it said...

Check out this fab music video

I am 100% mermaid-free.

Brian said...

Sloth as a goth? Oh good God No!

O said...

I think memes should be added to your list of slothful blogging. Most of them don't require any thought nor are they particularly interesting.

But what the hell do I know, I just quit blogging for over a year.


Carnalis said...

blogging is inherently slothful, regardless of content, as it is usually just a means of distracting us from more useful pursuits.

Luka said...

Ro - I can picture the scene vividly:

"Repent!" - *smack!* - "REPENT!" - *smack!*

Helga - should I warm my hands first, or not?

Thank you for the good wishes x

Freddy - you may well be right!

Old and Past It - so that's not your tail you're flapping around after all?

Brian - ooh, you found an illustration for my point!

O - yes, memes! I am surprised I forgot to mention them. You are quite right, they are tedious wank.

Carnalis - fair point :)

Walker said...

I sat here for five minutes being just to slothy to write a comment. So I won't.

Jackie Adshead said...

This ones difficult for me to comment on - as I'm always on the go, always busy, always interested in the things I'm doing. Sloth seems to be when people can't get motivated, and I find that a shame, when there is always so much that can be done. But maybe that's part of being creative - and the fact that I have so many paintings I want to do in my head, and never enough time to do them!

Luka said...

Walker - now that's slothful.

Jackie - I know what you mean - I never have enough hours in the day to finish all the tasks on my list.