Saturday, 17 January 2009

Luka's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins - Pride

The original and most serious of the deadly sins, pride is regarded as the source from which all others spring.

Of course taking pride in our work, in our loved ones, in our appearance and standards is not in itself a bad thing. Pride as a sin is when love of self - vanity - grows disproportionately large and takes precedence over other considerations.

Examples of pride would be:
  • Throwing a hissy fit when comments are sparse on a blog post
  • Cropping images to hide wobbly bits before posting them online
  • An inflated sense of superiority despite evidence that one might truly be a twat
  • Showing off ungraciously when doing well
I am a sinner indeed. What should I do to atone?


Walker said...

Pride is that thing I land on every time I slip on the ice.

Or it could be a sense of fulfillment.
Something this ice feels when my pride lands on it

L. said...

I enjoyed every entry in this whole series. Each hit an uncomfortable little pang for me. I suppose that means I'm doomed.

Carnalis said...

i'm with L. above. A little bit bad in most ways.

group atonement?

Helga Hansen said...

I will admit to being guilty of all the sins, in one way or another. I have enjoyed reading the Seven Deadly Sins series, Luka... even if I haven't commented on every post! :D

(I'm still not flashing my wobbly bits, though!!)

Sulpicia said...

Fantastic series. Venial sins?

Luka said...

Walker - they do say that pride goes before a fall but in your case it's just as well it comes behind to cushion your landing.

L - thank you. I think the whole point of the deadly sins is that they apply universally, so we are all doomed.

Carnalis - it is the human condition. Group (grope?) atonement - bring it on!

Helga - I am so glad people did like the series as a whole, even though I did sin mightily when it all went quiet :)

Oh, go on, if you flash yours I'll flash mine.

Sulpicia - yes, I may post further on the nature of sinning. I am interested in what a more modern list of sins would be.