Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Luka's Guide to the Seven Deadly Sins - Lust

Often confused with love or hunger, lust is the most actively sought out of all the sins. Most of us want to be able to generate lust in the object of our affections, and those of us who are finding it hard to feel lustful are busy trying everything from downing oysters to donning kinky underwear in a bid to rectify the situation.

It's a sign of the times. Our ancestors knew that unbridled lust can lead to any number of problems, from a strange rash on your bell-end to a much larger family than you can afford to feed.

Originally labelled a sin, nowadays lust has been embraced as a virtue. Sex sells and lust shifts an awful lot of crap merchandise and bad porn. Without lust I'd have no sex blogs to enjoy. Yet lust itself is still as likely to bite you on the bottom as it ever was.

Lust clouds your better judgement and is responsible for the neglect of family, friends, work, pets and hobbies. People in lust narrow their field of interest to a tiny pencil beam. You only have to read sex blogs to see that. They are restricted to telling you the same tale again and again, confined within their self-imposed boundaries. There is even the strange phenomenon I call "Matching Anorak Syndrome". It has long been known that some couples, in their exclusion of all others, seem to become each other. You'll see them in matching outfits, with similar hair styles and with identical smiles. They do everything together. His interests are her interests and vice versa. Shudder. Even online, I can spot couples whose blogs slowly begin to morph into each others, with the same layout, design, artwork, and icons. Even the posts begin to blend, both giving the same account of their last budget hotel bunk-up. This is what lust does to people. The thrill of having access to anothers sticky bits can addle the brain.

I have been in lust many times. While I have never succumbed to Matching Anorak Syndrome, being far too independant and lazy to change for anyone else, I have lost my dignity, my poise, my understanding of right and wrong and a good few pairs of tights. Lust has brought me to my knees, left me heartsick and sore arsed. And yet it has also brought me - created, even - some of the finest people this universe has to offer, so, in this instance, I am not an entirely repentant sinner.


Jackie Adshead said...

Mmm... Lust, we all crave it, and yet as you say, it addles the brain. But, it sounds like you're referring to creating your children because of it, and that's certainly a very positive outcome. So to speak.

Luka said...

Jackie - I have met some wonderful people and, yes, created a masterpiece of my own :)

Anonymous said...

it's a two edged sword


Luka said...

Nurse Myra - it is indeed, but that is what makes it such an effective tool.

Sex Toy Types said...

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Walker said...

I've always seen lust as a hunger for what you don't have yet want more than anything efven it what you lust is not for you to have and belongs to someone else.

Luka said...

Sex Toy Types - I will follow yours if it meets my strict inspirational criteria.

Luka said...

Walker - that's a good way to define it, yes.