Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Follicle Fetish

I think I have one.

I have mentioned my lack of proper perversions before. I have all the standard ones certainly (who doesn't like a bit of dressing up, a bit of bondage or playing with their food?) but these are so mainstream I refuse to consider them officially kinky.

However, as I purred contentedly under the hands of my hairdresser today I was transported back to the days of my youth, when we would periodically be sent to see the school nurse who would inspect us for head lice.

God, I used to love that. I adored being checked for nits. I go completely spacey having my hair played with. It is an intense pleasure. Maybe it is a throwback to my ape-like ancestors and a time when we would bond by picking pests off each other. Maybe I am just a bit odd.

So I have decided that this is my fetish. Hair play, scalp inspection. Applicants for the role of Naughty Nit Nurse now being taken.


Carnalis said...

i'll comb yours, if you'll comb mine ..

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't mean naughty chimp? It's all in the grooming don't ya know..

Helga Hansen said...

Now look what you've gone and done! Just the mention of the words "lice" and "nits" and I'm scratching my scalp!!

Have you ever experienced those head "spiders" that people use to give scalp massages?

Trixie said...

Does the outfit come with a ruler?

somechileanwoman said...

I know what you mean! I love it when my hair is played with, especially if its pulled from the very ends, it's hot. So when the movie "Edward Scissorhands" came out I totally understood why those old ladies loved him so much. Play with my hair and I will love you forever!

Freddy said...

This time, Madame of the Boudoir,
I think you may have overstepped the mark.
This sort of depraved behaviour is exactly what is wrong with the world today, and to discuss it openly, in a blog studied line by line, word by word, nuance by nuance by sex-bloggers is inappropriate.

Walker said...

There is nothing like a good scalp massage but without the Nits.

Luka said...

Carnalis - deal!

Anonymous - I'm all for equal opportunities but I do like a somewhat less alarming grin when being groomed.

Helga - I haven't - do you know if they are any good?

Trixie - if it doesn't I can soon rectify that.

SomeChileanWoman - ah, yes, a woman after my own heart.

Freddy - stop moaning and get your mitts on my nits. I said *nits*.

Walker - agreed. The search for nits is great, but the practicalities of the little blighters is not, as anyone who has used the conditioner and combing method on a long haired, wriggly child will testify.

Tom Allen said...

You're not alone - well, maybe you're alone wrt the nits, but I did have a gf that practically orgasmed when I brushed her hair.

Of course I brushed her hair very often, once I discovered that it was so erotic for her. The only thing better than foreplay is *easy* foreplay.

Luka said...

Tom - I may have to have that legend on a bumper sticker.

Freak At Heart said...

That is pretty common I have found! Or maybe it is I, as I love to play with women’s hair in that manor! ;-)

Luka said...

Freak at Heart - *swoons*

Freak At Heart said...

One of those things that I can not keep my hands off of, in more wyas than one!!!