Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Christmas Card from Luka

As Christmas Day fast approaches and the blogosphere becomes calm and bright as bloggers everywhere pay some attention to their families for a change, I find myself looking back over another year of fantastic online japes and banter and wondering if I will ever grow out of it.

Probably not.

To all of you that have come along with me, for jollity and cleavage shots, thank you. It's been fun!

To all of you that flounced off in a huff, sorry. But I only did it because it was funny. And true.

On balance, most people are very gracious. For every humourless fucktard that foams at the mouth in fury as they remove me from their blogroll there is a delightful, well-balanced, secure individual who, rightly, thinks I am great and have a fabulous sense of humour. To those charming individuals I raise my glass and bid you good cheer. To those joyless bastards who insist on taking this seriously I raise my glass and thank you for all the material.

Merry Christmas, lovely fellow blogonauts. May your stockings be as full as mine, overflowing with exactly what everyone wants at this time of year: a plump bird for Christmas. With booze.


Some Chilean Woman said...

You're so perfect. I should really hate you but I love you too much. Merry Christmas!

Helga Hansen said...

Now that is what I call a bird with all the trimmings!! :D

Merry Christmas to you too, Luka... I start my celebrations tomorrow - and thank you... it's been a blast! xx

EmmaK said...

Kin hell!
your cups runneth over
merry christmas you lovely funny lady

Boxer said...

Ahhh, The Lovely Luka - wishing you a perfect Christmas and a New Year full of more wit and barbs.


B said...

Happy Christmas Luka.
I hope this won't upset you but I find you a pleasure.
And 'cheers'.... Here's to fucking off the fucktards. Life is too short, and the world too small.

I love, love, love 'blogonauts'.... I think I am right in thinking copyright law won't allow you to sue me for plagiarism if I change it a bit, so I'm going with blogonaughts. (hell, at least I'm honest in my intentions).

Anonymous said...

Heh. Count me in the charming group. Happy holidays, Luka!

Charon QC said...

@lukabazooka - there is just no way I can even begin to compete with that wonderful Christmas card!


Have a great Christmas - we shall, I am sure, meet again on Twitter!

Luka said...

Some Chilean Woman - I am feeling the love, I am. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you, lovely lady.

Helga - I am well stuffed. Have a wonderful festive season!

Emma - they do, I have to go beyond cup sizes and move into bucket territory. Merry Christmas to you too, my lovely!

Boxer - Thank you, I shall always do my best with you in my corner x

B - being found to be a pleasure never upsets me, only delights me. I do not own language nor the stupid things I do with it, so be my guest to take Blogonau(gh)ts and run with it. Cheers!

Neysa - with pleasure, and you are indeed charming. Merry Christmas!

Charon QC - Oh, go on. I would pay good money to see you posed similarly in your fingerless gloves and overcoat. Have a wonderful Christmas yourself!

Angela-la-la said...

I can't believe no-one has got here before me but they haven't, so...

Breast or leg? Why, if she's slutty enough to show both I'll have a bit of each!

Merry Christmas you gorgeous satirist xxx

Angela-la-la said...

I can't believe no-one has got here before me but they haven't, so...

Breast or leg? Why, if she's slutty enough to show both I'll have a bit of each!

Merry Christmas you gorgeous satirist xxx

Baby said...

What a wonderful saucy post and picture - Merry Christmas -Cheers!!!

Freddy said...

I was going to write something witty and urbane here but all I can see on the screen next to the comments box is your spectacular breasts and my mind is filled with the urge to live out the punchline of a very old joke.

(I want to put my head between them and go wheyyyyyyyyyy)

Happy Christmas Luka - may 2009 be filled with love and joy (and may the fucktards continue to inspire).
here's to the blogosphere and those who inhabit it whatever the correct nounage.

Jackie Adshead said...

Well I think you're delightfully funny, and hope you continue for a very long time.

Gorgeous picture too - full of fullsomemeness, promise and all things feminine! Plus wine!!! :)

Happy Christmas Luka xx

Luka said...

Angela-la-la - well, why not? There's more than enough to go round! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Baby - Thank you - I'll drink to that! Merry Christmas!

Freddy - heh, the old jokes are the good'uns. Thanks, Freddy, here's wishing all good things to you, too.

Jackie - I will do my best, I'm sure. Thanks for the compliments - I would say you're too kind, but you're an erotic artist so you know best :) Wine enhances most things, really. Merry Christmas!

Ro said...

And thanks to you for contributing to the smiles and laughter I've enjoyed this last year! I'm only sorry that life has kept me from you so much recently and I promise to do better next year!

Have a wonderful Christmas and an even better new year.

And ... blimey!! Please tell me that was the picture you put on your homemade Christmas cards this year ;)

Suzanne Portnoy said...

Merry Xmas and hope you put that outfit to good use other than with the Lego.

Walker said...

Now thats what I call a fine wine
Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

Freak At Heart said...

wow wow wow wow wow wow

Luka said...

Ro - you are very welcome. Thankfully I don't do handmade Christmas cards, it takes far too much effort!

Suzanne - Merry Christmas! And yes, all my outfits get their moment of glory in the Boudoir.

Walker - I hope your festive time was a peaceful one, too, though there never seems to be a dull moment at your place!

Freak at Heart - Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks!