Friday, 12 December 2008

A 30 Word Interlude

He calls it my “sexy lady belly” and plants kisses upon it. I am delighted he loves it but place my hands on his head to direct him further south.


Freddy said...

you take a compass to bed with you?

I'm reminded of the lyrics of Phil Harris... a ruler in her bed she keeps; just to see how long she sleeps.

somechileanwoman said...

Have to be at work in 45 mins. I should wake him...thanks Luka!

Carnalis said...

it was enough :)

Walker said...

You got to cross mountains and a hill to reach the Valley of the Doll.
You just finished the map ;)

Old and past it said...

Shameless romantics!

Freak At Heart said...

There are many of us who share a corresponding like for a "sexy lady belly"!!!!!!!!!!

Luka said...

Freddy - I also take a thermos flask and a primus stove.

SomeChileanWoman - happy to help!

Carnalis - some might say more than enough :)

Walker - I love coming first.

Old and Past It - sickening, innit?

Freak at Heart - which is good news for me!