Thursday, 13 November 2008

Anything I Need

When I am hungry he cooks for me.

When I am sad he comforts me.

When I am frightened he holds me tight and vows to protect me.

When I am bored he amuses me.

When I am badly behaved he forgives me.

When I am being an arse he tells me.

When I am amorous he makes love to me.

When I am surging ahead he keeps up with me.

And when I am cold at night he lets me wrap my chilled body around him and leech away his body heat.


somechileanwoman said...

I'm all needy now. Where's my man?

Anonymous said...

he sounds like a keeper to me!

Old and past it said...

Well. My first thought is "Steady on, this is getting a bit uxorious". My second - "what is she hiding?". I truly am a bitter old cynic and there is no hope for me, but I am glad there is some for you.

Freddy said...

i was waiting for the punchline
but it seems you do just fine
without one now and then
the fella you describe
comes from a vanishing tribe
i trust you tell him when
he's vital to your life
that you're pleased to be his wife
and that when he is a cock, you'll be his hen

Carnalis said...

lucky luka, lucky hubby x

Jackie Adshead said...

Sounds like a good man to me - hang on to him (specially on a cold winters night!).

Luka said...

SomeChileanWoman - have you tried down the pub?

Southern Sage - most assuredly.

Old and Past It - oh, I could have written a cynical post, but it is good to flag up the good stuff now and then for a bit of contrast. It's sick-making, I know, but I need to do it now and then after I've had a bellyfull of "my lover is the best thing evah" nonsense on other blogs.

Freddy - I try to tell him every day, and, more importantly, show him.

Carnalis - yes, I am lucky and I know it x

Jackie - I will indeed!

B said...

I'm all for flagging up the good stuff. Great post Luka, and it reminds me what I have too. (not that I needed reminding)

one worry though...

maybe we're married to the same man?

Luka said...

B - now wouldn't that be an ironic twist? :)

puckrup said...

Never mind all that Hollywood shite - this is one of the most romantic pieces I've read. Good woman! Let this be a slap in the face to those who don't see your depths!