Monday, 22 September 2008


They say "don't get mad, get even"
But I think I'd rather get ahead
I'm not going to revel
In just drawing level
I'll be putting my foot down instead.


Suzanne Portnoy said...

I appreciate the sentiment however, having just gotten 3 points on my license for doing 40 on a 30mph road,I think you had better slow down...

Walker said...

I get even and use someone name I don't like when I get pulled over then peel off down the road.

Carnalis said...

leave them standing aghast,
your dust in their eyes.
They should have know better
(you're such a belter)
left behind as you take the top prize

Jackie Adshead said...

And let them choke on your dust whilst you're doing it! :)

Anonymous said...


Luka said...

Suzanne - I have a machine that goes bing to warn me about those.

Walker - another top tip! :)

Carnalis - you commented to me in rhyme! Thank you, darling! x

Jackie - and suck on my exhaust fumes.

Southern Sage - I thank you.