Thursday, 28 August 2008

Luka Smells

I have a sensitive nose. My other senses may not be perfect but my ability to detect and identify the most subtle of scents is impressive.

Like many others I find scent to be the most vivid way to recall a place, a time, a person. A certain smell will immerse me in the past with an immediacy that words, images or sounds just cannot match.

I wear different fragrances for different moods. Light and refreshing when I need to be energised, sultry, headier mixes for when I want candlelight, wine and passion.

I wonder if someone, somewhere, has walked down the street, caaught a hint of a familiar perfume and was transported, instantly, back to my Boudoir, to me?

I do hope so.


Lynsey said...

Oooh—you're so Prousty!

Oh. Wait. That was taste. Never mind.

That is a lovely photograph, tho.

Sulpicia said...

Smell and taste... and just bottom line aesthetics... (Shoes, too.)All those sensual gifts are just that... gifts. I have no doubt that there are people walking around, noses lifted, thinking of you. And grateful for having smelled you. Maybe tasted you. Possibly seen the whole of you. X S

Carnalis said...

*breaths deep*

yes, a lovely photograph

happy HNT x

Amorous Rocker said...

I am sure someone has had that happen to them, catching a scent somewhere and thinking back to a time with you. I always wonder such things myself. I *love* that bottom picture. Wow. Happy HNT!

d2b said...

mmmm... Luka seems to smell nice!

Nice shot!

Happy HNT!

Freddy said...

My first long-term-lover wore a distinctive scent and you are so right, just a mere hint of it could transport me back to the joys we shared.

Imagine my delight when my mother-in-law also started using it too....

The Troll said...

Great pic and a truly lovely closing thought. HHNT!

An Artist Exposed said...

Wonderful theme, inviting pic - a great HNT!

Lilly said...

That is a lovely thought, I know that one particular men's cologne does it to me - transports me back to a heady sexual infatuation. sucks though when they man wearing it is old and unsexy, LOL. kinda kills it.

Beautiful pic! HHNT!

Walker said...

You smell nice to me

figleaf said...

Wow, Luka, your photo takes me back to... actually I can't imagine when it could have been, but I've got very primal memories of bare necks and perfume bottles and that makes your photo *very* stirring. Lovely!

Happy HNT,


Anonymous said...

the perfect place for sniffing
and biting!


Ms. Lily said...

I don't usually use it every day, being a stay at home mom, but now I need to go decide what to put on. I will be breathing in heavily all day now that it is on my mind.
Lovely photos.
Happy HNT!!

Helga Hansen said...

I should have guessed you'd be a Vivienne gal... same fighting spirit!

Pity they don't do rub and sniff blogs, as I would love to have taken a sniff of that scent.

And that neck... a vampire's ultimate fantasy shot! HHNT!

Mojo said...

I had to smile when I read your first line. Did you know that "Luka" is Polish for "onion"? I mean, yeah, it's also a Suzanne Vega song, but I made the mistake of mentioning that to a friend who named her daughter "Luka" and she very pointedly explained to me the meaning of the name and why she chose it. I digress.

What I really meant to say is that you may well have the most kissable neck in the free world. Possibly the whole world, but I haven't spent a lot of time researching the necks in the non-free parts of it. So I really wouldn't know.

EmmaK said...

Can anyone explain why you and your fabulous orbs were not nominated for
I missed the deadline.

ah the travesty!

Vixen said...



Helga Hansen said...

I would like to state that I did nominate the luscious Ms Luka... but I think that due to the fact you're not American, it was a wasted nomination. Bah humbug!

Ro was my male candidate...

Helga Hansen said...

NEWSFLASH!!! OMG! OMG! You're there... you're on the Hot Blogger Calendar!!!

I am bemused to see Ro listed under the ladies section, though...

Luka said...

Lynsey - I am glad you think so. Thanks!

Sulpicia - people do lift their noses in the air when I am near, it's true!

Carnalis - thank you x

Amorous Rocker - it would be comforting to think so, yes. Happy HNT to you, too!

d2b - I smell divine :)

Freddy - heh. Yes, that is a drawback, but we we all have our unique body chemistry which - hopefully - makes our chosen fragrance subtly unique to ourselves.

The Troll - thank you muchly.

Luka said...

An Artist Exposed - I thank you.

Lilly - I have a similar reaction to Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male.

Walker - and I hope I always will :)

Figleaf - yes, it's that combination of bare neck vulnerability and perfumed seduction that makes it evocative.

Sage - and seeing my pulse, throb.

Ms Lily - I have days without it myself, but when I wear it it has to be just right.

Helga - it is - aptly enough - called Boudoir and "blends the scent of the viburnum flower a fresh, sparkling note never before used in perfumery, with french marigold, it creates a feminine harmony with turkish rose, iris and the spice tones of cardamom, coriander and cinnamon".

I think it smells good :)

Luka said...

Mojo - oh, I am many layered it's true.

I am quite sure I have one of the most kissable brass necks in the whole of the blogging world.

Emma - apparently my fabulous orbs and I have been nominated by the fabulously orbed herself Helga.

Vixen - thanks!

Helga - cor blimey, thank you! Fancy Ro getting listed as a girlie though! They'll soon see their error when they see his HNTs.

Lil Bit said...

Oh yeah, Smell is a verrrry powerful sense we have -- Nice way to try to capture it by using our sense of Sight -- I'm really liking the combo!
I swear, I can almost smell your perfume... it, and you, are lovely.

HHNT! =)

Ro said...

{Checks the seam on his stockings is straight, adjusts the positioning of the side-slit on his skirt, opens one more button on his blouse to reveal just the right amount of cleavage and starts to type ...}

You're right about the impact of perfume: the biologists tell us that scent bypasses the higher-brain functions and taps right in to the memories. It certainly seems that way.

I love that second photo too - I don't know if the lighting was deliberate but, if not, it's proven to be a delightful happenstance :)

Happy HNT!

Anonymous said...

Hello darlin'--convention time in the States and I'm involved seriously with the Democrats as I always have been--shooting down right-wing half wits and idiots whose parents should have been sterilized at birth--but back to you--would I could from right here take the vial from your lovely hands and dab some scent on my fingers and run my hand down, down between your glorious breasts to those places that are wonderful on a full-bodied woman like you.

hugs kisses, and anything else you'd want my dear one,

yours as you already know

Kittie Kate said...

I have really bad allergies, so rarely wear perfume. Love food though!

Cheating Wife said...

This was a great post...I just (in the last month) had a man I have known since college (20 years) tell me that he still thinks of me when he smells a perfume called Chloe. We only had a brief affair back then, but wow. How flattering. There is no bigger compliment than that, in my mind. :-)

Maeve said...

It has been way too long since I wore perfume!
But I do love my Ralph cool!

Luka said...

Lil Bit - thank you, I do try :)

Ro - as if I'd just point and shoot and leave things to chance! (You look good in those seamed stockings boy. You got a purty mouth.)

Beau - how nice to see you! I missed your comforting presence in my comments box. Big kisses to you.

Kittie Kate - I do feel for those with allergies, it must be awful walkking past the perfume counter in department stores, or finding yourself sat next to somoene who has bathed in eye blistering fragrance.

Cheating Wife - no, it's always wonderful to know you are remembered.

Maeve - put some on, it'll lift your spirits!

anna louise said...

I love scent.Thats my one indulgence.Right now im really into LAMB by Gwen Stefani.

Luka said...

Anna Louise - ooh, I haven't tried that, but will give it a sniff when I'm next at the perfume counter, and think of you!