Friday, 1 August 2008

I Will Never Be a Sex Blogger Because.... #1

I won't tell you how it was, what we did, why it happened.

There will be no descriptions of erotic entanglement. I am not going to wax lyrical about my cunt, his cock, her nipples or the force and frequency of my orgasms.

The intimate moments I have experienced are not for mass distribution. I have no need of a panel of judges holding up score cards on my performance. I don't need someone to tell me it was hot, arousing or beautiful to know that it was these things.

I take out my memories and hold them up to the light, now and then, and they sparkle and shine just for me. I treat them with care, tend them well. I keep the pages of my history crisp and clean, not dog-eared and grimy after being riffled through by numerous unwashed hands.

I have no desire to show people I have never met what my genitals look like. Or what my sexual partner's genitals look like. Or what I stuck up their arse.

Some things are just for me. Just as some things should be kept just for you. Sharing is not always good.


Anonymous said...

Yep! You said it all as usual, love. You keep that to you, in you, for you, it doesn't need to be broadcast to the world--it's enough that you show a witty sexy and funny side of you and show bits now and then that you deem you should and you don't even have to do that--Your writing is enough for me because of the wit and the skewering of the pretentious. That is why you are so liked------
and loved even

Your devoted Beau

Anonymous said...

My philosophy exactly. Glad someone shares it :).

Curvaceous Dee said...

May have to agree to disagree with this one, hon. All fair and valid points, for you - but I am very different indeed!

I rebut, in a post, here.

xx Dee

Luka said...

Beau - a precious memory is like a beautiful piece of silk, intricately woven, delicate. If you hand over that fragile scrap of silk for a multitude of people to paw over it will become a very different piece of fabric, of a very different quality.

Eclectic Hedonist - hello! I am equally pleased that someone else shares mine :)

Dee - of course! What works for me does not hold true for all. I am interested in the "why"s though.

Anonymous said...

Luka, exactly, my lovely one, exactly.


Freddy said...

*my* cunt, *his* cock, *her* nipples...
oh how th'imagination ripples
Some things may well be 'just for me'
But do you speak for two? or three?

We understand such things do pass
But we're curious, 'up *whose* arse?
So we'll leave our maginations to run
And be pleased you had such fun

Luka said...

Freddy -
I play my cards close to my chest. I'll tell you some, you guess the rest.