Saturday, 23 August 2008

Acid Drops

It is very important to stay grounded when you are a popular and successful blogger such as myself.

It would be so easy to let the glitzy lifestyle and glittering comments go to my head.

So I periodically remind myself that not everyone thinks I'm great. Some people think I am a colossal twat and are not afraid to say so.

Here are some of my favourite arsey comments from the archives:

  • Don't you just love the way that a post - nay, a blog - that targets blog cliquiness has managed to build its own clique of resolutely non-cliquey folk, busily deriding every perceived clique, other than, er, that is, their own. Ironic.
  • Defensive responses merely seek to confirm your role as someone who may indeed have A Levels in insensitivity, Thatcharism and general all-around nastiness.
  • You're a terrible writer.
  • Have you ever considered writing out your blogreading requirements and issuing them to bloggers in advance? Surely this would help with the clearly onerous and unrewarding task of having to force your way through disappointing writing.

    I'm sure if people knew what your requirements were, they would strive to meet them, because after all, the petulant reader should never be neglected.

    Alternatively, you could try getting out more.
  • wank me off
  • If you really want to do this sort of thing properly, why not try the pub car park at closing time? It would be more dignified ...
  • Yawn. Another insecure twatess smugly showing her ego to the world.
  • That's the risk one takes when associates with ungracious brats.

  • Ad Hominem? Oh, I'm sorry, I've obviously misunderstood. I've seen so many personal attacks on here over the months I thought it was the done thing. Clearly, the rules are not what they would appear. Not for me, in any case.

How about you, though? Do you have a comments box overflowing with soft centres of sugary goodness, or do you find the occasional acid drop lurking in the layers?


Anonymous said...

Christ! talk about a gaggle of utter twats! assholes! and mentally challenged fuckwits! Thank god you listen to people who are sensitive and polite and soft-spoken like me roflmao
Well hell girl I try, I really do and you know how i adore your mind, writing and ahem other charms I would love to wallow in for a day or 3. lol
You are my love, sweetie, and if any the afore-mentioned loathsome toads comes your way again send them to Beau--he will fuck with their tiny brains to such an extent they won't be able ever after to walk and chew gum at the same time, not that they are able to now.

You devoted besotted loving

Luka said...

Beau - oh, it's ok really, I don't mind a few choice insults lobbed my way. Many of them make me smile, lots. But thank you for your gallantry :) x

Helga Hansen said...

I can't put my finger on it, but I'd hazard a guess and say that most of those comments were from the same person... can't say why, but that's what I think!

I can't say I have ever received nasty comments.. I think people just don't bother commenting!

Southern Sage said...

i only had it once, and I baited some folks out to get it.
Fuck em, anyone who takes time to write a shitty comment isn't worth my time anyway.

Did I ask you to wank me off??
hope your weekend is good.

Walker said...

A comment is a comment good or bad I take them all including Spam HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!

Personally I don't mind negative comments because it allows me to have a view from the other side but if they get nasty with me well they better pull out the KY because it's gonna hurt when i come back to take a poke.

Like You Care said...

Yeah but.You are a dullard ;-)

Luka said...

Helga - I know what you mean, there is a certain distinctive tone to a lot of them. Maybe you are just too nice to warrant a good smack down?

Sage - heheh - I *do* like your attitude. If you didn't ask me I am sure it crossed your mind. Have a good weekend yourself!

Walker - yes, I like the bad as well as the good too. I enjoy a bit of intelligent debate but I also like a bit of childish name calling. I'm so simple.

Like You Care - *and* a fucktard, spacktard and steaming great twat to boot! :)

Anonymous Boxer said...

Unlike you, I play it safe. Maybe too safe. So I can honestly say I've never received one wanky comment. Hell, even spam thinks I'm not worthy. Ha!

and besides, you KNOW I love the blog drama.

Suzanne Portnoy said...

I have a reader called 'Harry' who seems to relish posting arsey comments. His most recent one was 'It does surprise me how naive you are Suzanne.' Prior to this he mentioned something about me looking like an ugly, middle-aged, unattractive woman He really is a charmer, don't you think?

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - *can* one play too safe? I think it is a wise person who makes more friends than enemies :)

Suzanne - Harry sounds like a *catch*! I think if you are bright, bold and bolshy you will always run the risk of polarising opinion. That's what happens when you stick your head above the parapet. Much more fun than hiding, though :)

Ariel said...

I've had one or two, which are fine since freedom of expression is something I welcome... as long as the comments in question are intelligently written rather than downright arsy and bigotted. Either way, I enjoy replying if only to lob a few choice insults at the fuckers. It's sad that some people spend their time trolling, perhaps they should start a blog of their own and vent their spleen instead, it might help them connect to other like-minded individuals and broaden their horizons...

Sulpicia said...

Not a good writer? I want to know what that dude is reading!

Southern Sage said...

I probably has!

Carnalis said...

yes, the occasional poisonous remark pops up, although i am a little envious of the vitriol you inspire, Luka .. true class shows in those gems.

Luka said...

Ariel - absolutely. Though, that said, one of my favourite acid drop donors has had about 5 blogs so far and has yet to fully purge that spleen.

Sulpicia - maybe they prefer the blogs with more pictures?

Sage - I guessed as much :)

Carnalis - I think it's because I am truly annoying, and not just anyone can be that consistently infuriating.

Riff Dog said...

I kinda like the nasty comments and to tell the truth, I'm surprised I don't get more of them. There's something amusing about the self righteous and they invariably make some major mistake or Freudian slip for me to have a little fun with (besides ending a sentence with a preposition.)

By cosmic coincidence, today was actually the first time I deleted a negative comment (other than spam,) but that was just because the person wrecked a joke I was making. Bash my integrity or morals all you like, but don't fuck with the jokes!!!

Luka said...

Riff Dog - I enjoy replying to arsey comments myself, and particularly relish returning the favour on a dull afternoon.

Well, a good joke must always be given room to thrive.

Anonymous said...

FYI Helga, three are mine, and all presented without context. HTH

Luka said...

Anonymous - count again. Four are from you, I think you'll find!