Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Pimp My Post

I have thought of a fabulous new feature, which I strongly suspect nobody will take me up on, which is even better since there is no imminent danger of having to do anything extra to fulfill my obligations.

Those of my eagle-eyed, good-looking, smooth-talking regular readers will have spotted my Real Sexy Sex Fleshbot Me Fuck Post was, indeed, Fleshbotted!

I was pleasantly surprised by this, given that it is the second silly post of mine to make the grade. My success in rewriting the standard sex blog post and crafting it into something entirely new and utterly stupid has led me to consider offering my services more widely. As things stand it is only those posts I stumble across in my regular rounds of this corner of the internet that have my light shone upon them.

So, if anyone has a favourite post of theirs - or even someone elses - that they feel is looking a bit tired, a bit uninspired and just hasn't generated the comments they hoped for, then send it my way. I will Pimp Your Post and make it so much better. I can add comedy, hilarious misunderstandings with a cream horn and a photo-me booth, coarse language and an utter disregard for social niceties. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave me offensive comments and you'll thank me in the long run.


Helga Hansen said...

WoW!! Another award, a mention on Charon's podcast with Ms Robinson... you are heading for the high life, aren't you??

Congratulations on the award, and I look forward to reading all the pimped posts!!

Luka said...

Helga - Thank you. I am not sure about being headed for the high life as I understand it, as no one has plied me with champagne or given me a handbag full of Ferrero Rocher, but it is nice to know other people are enjoying my bratty, childish posts :)

Ro said...

You want an entire handbag of Ferrero Rocher??? Dear God, you're high-maintenance :)

Nonetheless, hearty congratulations on another award ... and if you're looking for posts to take from limp to pimp, please help yourself to my blog. It would (almost) be an honour :)

Luka said...

Ro - I want a whole handbag full of Ferrero Rocher *and* a flagon of the finest booze. I am indeed high maintenance, as befits my classy status.

Thanks for the congratulations - I may well take a trawl through your archives and take you from limp to pimp (loving that expression!)

Anonymous said...

Sweets and booze--a good combo, me love--As for porno--I read so few good ones unfortunately--maybe two or three--most are repetitious blather--But I love your take on it because you seldom take yourself seriously and your sense of fun is infectious--lovely all round, me dear. ;-)Yours gets a "rise " out of me continually. Oh my yes.

hugs, love, and fondle or three
Your Beau

Luka said...

Beau - I am so glad you appreciate my sense of fun! Thanks for the fondles, I enjoy those just as much as the booze and chocolate. Maybe this *is* the high life after all :)

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is, Luka, my love. indeed it is. :-)

Sweet dreams, darlin


Anonymous Boxer said...

and will you also promise Blog Drama? 'Cuz that would certainly get me to send them your way!

Sulpicia said...

Are you asking for an editing job?

Freddy said...

being pimped by luka? it's almost got me tempted into reopening my blog

Sulpicia said...

help yourself, by the way.

Trixie said...

Alright, since no-one else has rasied the challenge as yet, here's a post you can maybe put your own style to. It's not a sex post, cause you know I don't really do that but try and put your spin on my boss.


Walker said...

Does it cum with a little statue you could rub for luck?

Ellie said...

Luka - I am quickly falling in love with your acerbic wit. I get pretty tired of all the blah blah blogs as well and love your approach. I'm also afraid of you ;)

Luka said...

Beau - my dreams are always better when you tuck me in at night with your kind words.

Anonymous Boxer - I can pretty much guarantee Blog Drama, yes!

Sulpicia - yes, and I will!

Freddy - do it! You know you should.

Trixie - I shall see what magic I can weave upon it.

Walker - yeah, why not?

Ellie - why thank you! Though I can assure you I am very unscary really :)

Amy said...

SWEET! Congratulations!

And you've already done one of mine, so I'll pass this time. : )


Freddy said...

should I?

Curvaceous Dee said...

You're welcome to pimp any of my posts, sweetheart! But if you want me to pick a specific one, I'd be happy to.

(And congrats on subverting the serious-sex-posts paradigm!)

xx Dee

Bittersweet said...

I am late with my congratulations, but you know i am so very delighted that your talent is being appreciated.
WELL DONE .. and hurrah for tweaking those limp plonkers!

Luka said...

Amy - ah yes, so I did! With great affection, I might add.

Freddy - yes, you should.

Dee - thank you! Yes, it would be fun to pimp one of your posts :)

Bittersweet - you are a diamond. Mwah! x