Monday, 21 July 2008


He loves me in pajamas
He loves me in the nude
In hat and scarf and overcoat
He finds me rather lewd.

I turn him on in stockings
I turn him on in socks
In saggy, baggy knickers
He still finds his world rocks.

He loves me when I'm gorgeous
He loves me when I'm not.
In slippers or in killer heels
It's me that hits his spot.


Anonymous Boxer said...

awwww - I like this! Lucky Loved Luka is good!

Amy said...

That's loved! What a nice sentiment, Luka, and a nice jingle too. xoAmy

Anonymous said...

Well honey, you do it for me, esp the killer heels--oh my yes! All hell any whcih way you want :-)

Your Devoted Beau

Helga Hansen said...

Don't tell me... you've been hired by Clinton Cards to write a new range of naughty but nice cards! If not, WHY not?!?

Luka said...

Anonymous Boxer - thank you. Loved up lucky Luka is always a good thing.

Amy - one day I shall release my compilation album!

Beau - you are a man who keeps his options open - I like that.

Helga - it is a crime that I have not been snapped up for such a project!

Sulpicia said...

Well... this appeals to both the pathetic and romantic in me at the moment... among other aspects. Yummy and always astute.

Anonymous said...

Options open--hell yes-- and brain heart legs and pants fly--lol Only for you darlin, only for you ;-)

So I lie a bit but between you an d me that don't matter does it.

Your devoted loving Beau ;-)

Freddy said...

I'm sure if you look hard enough
The reason you will find
'tis true, no matter what you wear
He loves you for your mind

The wickedness that lives within;
The pure inventive power.
We love it, those who only read
He gets you, hour on hour.

So wear what you will, your sexiness
Resides within your brain
May wit and humour; barb and bite;
In Luka, long remain xx

Luka said...

Sulpicia - my ditties run the gamut of human emotion all right.

Beau - a little bit of white lying is fine, just between you and I.

Freddy - outstanding! I shall have that as my anthem :)

Midnight said...

Excellent Luka, I'm loving that and think you should get it published.

Luka said...

Midnight - thank you! For some strange reason my poems have not been internationally recognised yet, but until then I shall self-publish on the blog :)

Freddy said...

Luka - you may use it as you choose.

I heard a repeat of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on Monday evening in which they 'Sang one song to the tune of another' as they often do, and they used the tune for Jerusalem on Teenage Kicks.
I mention this only because I just tried that tune on my little rhyme....

(and now you've got it stuck in your head. ALL DAY)

CARNALIS said...

saggy baggy knickers? with perhaps a little hole?


i love the sentiment x

Walker said...

Great poem
Loved in any disguise

MarcelloNYC said...


Beautiful image and words.

Luka said...

Walker - I am very lucky, I know.

Marcello - thank you.

Luka said...

Freddy - you have your evil moments, don't you? :)

Carnalis - there may be more than one little hole come to think of it...