Thursday, 19 June 2008

Oral Pleasures

There's a very good reason we use the term "feeling fruity" to describe desire.

The act of devouring fruit is ripe with erotic imagery. From the lick, suck and bite to the trickling of sweet juices down fingers and chin, leaving one sticky and satiated, there is an abundance of sensuality and allure.

You just can't create the same effect with a pork pie and some mushy peas.


EmmaK said...

For some reason that image has made me wonder what it would be like to have sex in a bath full of trifle...squelchy and creamy and spongey...I think I'll go and lie down now.

Anonymous said...

Or a bath filled with floating cherries, strawberries and the like and the lady I would love to be there with e ;-) Luka, darlin' those pictures are sooo sexy--the Beau is certainly aroused--oh my yes. thank you loveBeau

Anonymous said...

thats friggin insanely sexy!

Anonymous Boxer said...

I just won't look at fruit the same way when I'm in the produce section again.


Anonymous said...

When I think of the oral pleasures those luscious lips could.... just kissing them...oh my there I go again, getting myself all l worked up again! Boxer, you and me both and I have to do some shopping tomorrow--How the hell am i gonna make it through the fruit section is beyond me at this moment. lol Not without having the picture in my mind of those incredible lips--It's gonna be so hard in more ways thab one to do that. Luka the things you managed to do to this guy...oh my oh my.

love and....well you get the picture ;-)

Your devoted Beau

Freddy said...

Luscious pics of luscious lips have made poor Beau lose his mind
That tongue has some power, as it slips past the lips
and extends to see what it may find
(yeah the scansion is rubbish, but my mind is disturbed by the images involving that strawberry)
Did it get Beau aroused, it seems that it did, and what's more, not a little, but VERY

Adam Apple said...

There is just something incredibly sexy about watching women eat fruit.

Happy HNT!

Jackie Adshead said...

And I bet you're even more practiced with a long ripe banana, Luka! :)

bittersweet said...


your tongue ..

*fans self*

Paul B said...

There are few things sexier than a sexy woman eating strawberries. OMG!!! I need a cold shower.


anna louise said...

you make fruit eating look very erotic

Greg & Sheryl said...


Baby said...

You made up my mind - I want strawberries for lunch today - though I imagine they won't be as hot to eat as looking at the photos :) HHNT!!!!

Helga Hansen said...

Strawberries are very good for you... and the cream is not! Next time, let us see what it is you can do with the cream! ;)

I'm off to scour the fridge for red fruit... HHNT!!

TK Kerouac said...


Ro said...

I always wondered why eating was meant to be an erotic, seductive act! ;)

There's certainly something about strawberries ... and if you need any help, following Ms Hansen's point, in figuring out what to do with the cream I can make a few suggestions!

Luka said...

Emma - my images often make people wonder about baths full of trifle. It's my sponge fingers and custardy complexion that does it.

Beau - see? Fruit is so good for you!

Southern Sage - you should see my raspberries!

Anonymous Boxer - I fel that way about cucumbers.

Freddy - indeed! Just think - if I'd added the cream, I could be a wet dream!

Adam - absolutely.

Jackie - yeah, but I spit it out.

Bittersweet - it is a serpentine marvel.

Paul - I can also do grapes and peaches.

Anna Louise - thanks. The challenge is whether I can do likewise with a pie and chips.

Greg & Sheryl - thank you!

Baby - it's all a state of mind. Imagine they are naked.

Helga - cream is definitely good for you. It is high in fat and originally came out of an udder so it can't possibly be bad.

TK Kerouac - thank you.

Ro - I thought I might dribble some down my top and let it dry to a stiff stain.

Anonymous said...

Fruit is good for me especially those fruit-filled lips of yours,

Love in the sun

MarcelloNYC said...

Very Fruity & Sexy indeed!


Luka said...

Beau - delicious and nutritious, double whammy.

Marcellonyc - why, thank you!

Walker said...

Looks divine but a little melted chocolate would bring it to a new level ;)

Luka said...

Walker - that is *genius* :)

Stealth said...

very sentual :)


Amorous Rocker said...

Yep, peas, corn on the cob or carrot sticks just aren't as sexy as strawberries and cherries can be. Sensual shots, happy HNT!

I Smile 2 Much said...

Happy *OMYHELL deliciously SEXY" HNT 2 U ; )

BEAUTIFUL Shots!! ; )

Curvaceous Dee said...

Strawberries are out of season here right now ... but you've got me remembering them. Very juicy!

HHNT, xx Dee

Vixen said...

Very erotic pics! YUMMY!!!

Lapis Ruber said...

That really made me laugh :-) - the bit about the pork pie that is. I'm very late getting round everybody today as I was away all day Thursday, so Happy HNT for yesterday!