Sunday, 8 June 2008

Love Is...

...not pink.

It is not cute. It is not cartoon drawings of infantilised animals and children.

It is not flowers.

If a heart is its icon it is not a sanitised chocolate box version of satin and lace. That is far removed from my visualisation. A real heart is far more apt as a symbol for my love - visceral, red, strong. Beating. Not pretty but oh so powerful.

Love doesn't skim the surface with ribbons and bows, it is embedded, a deep tug in the guts. It is the umbilical cord that binds us, a fusion of bone and flesh.

My representation of love is not going to win any beauty contests. My blood spattered vision does not fit into a sonnet nor look good on a fridge magnet. But it is sincere. And from the heart.


Anonymous said...

Ah me darlin' love is not pink. Tho flowers help. It is messy and painful at times; at others, and for the most part, it is glorious. It's a Mozart String Quartet; a great Russian chorale; it's Respighi's Fontini et Pini di Roma; It's The Great 9th Symphony of Ludwig; it's dancing to The Boss's Thunder Road; and it's lovely and cuddly and smoochy and WOW! that was a good one. It makes one wish to get out of bed and find out what is going to happen next with a beautiful woman because she is constantly a marvelous surprise.
And it's from the strongly beating heart as you say, my dear one. Why would we wish it any other way?

with love

bittersweet said...

it is hard to follow up after a comment from Beau; he says it all so well. Can i say that i simply agree?

Anonymous said...

Bittersweet--Gosh, Thank you :-)

Anonymous Boxer said...

"My blood spattered vision"

that's going to stay with me for a long time. Excellent post and as always, excellent writing.

Ro said...

I can only agree: those initial lust-filled, hormone-driven weeks or months can seem rosy and simple; love that lasts is anything but simple - it is the most complex, convoluted, emotionally-stretching experience any of us can experience.

And I'm still pleased to experience it :)

Luka said...

Beau - yes, it is a glorious, painful, life affirming thing. And this battered pump of mine keeps pounding.

Bittersweet - Beau has a gift for words, does he not?

Anonymous Boxer - you are too kind. I am pleased that my gory version of love is one others can relate to.

Ro - it is demanding, yes. And we not only endure it, we actively seek it out! It must be worth it :)

Anonymous said...

Luka my darling one--your pump and mine--battered, broken at times, very bloodied (Janni Elleflot did mine in--sigh) but dammit I still have hope against hope even at my advanced age of 237 that I'll find THEE ONE and grab hold and love her to pieces forever and a day. Ah Yes a jolly good snog and then a delightful shag and one's a happy couple. Good name for a B & B, the Snog'n'Shag--what do you think? roflmao Sometimes I crack meself up.

With love and a tad of squalor
Your devoted

Anonymous said...

One other thing, my dear, and then I'll shut me trap, Love is a sonnet, the single most perfect sonnet ever written and I know you know this as I know it. And that sonnet makes me a better man that I ever thought I could hope to be or ever have been. It's the only reason for living and the greatest song ever written, the points of a compass that guides one through the wonders of the galaxy, of what life throws at one and keeps one's sense of goodness and rightness and the sweetness of it all forever. And for my life to come i hope to Christ I find it again.

Your loving Beau

Walker said...

Love is the first spiritual thing we feel and its betrayal is the closest you can get to being part of the walking dead.
The quest for love is the treasure we all seek yet whenfound it becomes a blessing and a liabilty but we knowinly keep looking for that treasure chest.
I just look at the chests :D

Luka said...

Beau - I hope you find it again too. I have a feeling you will.

Walker - heh, it's as good a place to start as any!