Friday, 6 June 2008

It's Not Me It's You

I’ve read your piece and I must say
You’ve failed to turn me on
You simply haven’t tailored to my needs
I don’t want to drink your semen
I’d rather have some tea
I think you’ll find pornography misleads.

My raddled ringpiece means that I
Don’t want it up my arse
What’s wrong with cunt, why is it always bum?
And desist with the Daddy talk
That doesn’t work for me
Do you get hard when you’re asked “who’s the mum?”

I don’t want cock in every hole
I don’t want yours at all
And pictures of it will not change my mind
There’s nothing you can do for me
So why don’t you fuck off?
Go now before I start to be unkind.


Helga Hansen said...

Blimey... I was wondering why the rhythm had gone from your rhyme!

Okay, I'm f*cking off now :D

Tom Allen said...


That was excellent! Well done!

Anonymous said...

IF you are responding to someone, the poetry's the thing to catch the conscience of the bastard wing. ;-)
That was loverly, luka,me dear.

Walker said...

Choice is a loud voice

Luka said...

Helga - I never lose the rhythm!

Tom - *takes a bow*

Beau - I like to be offensive in rhyme, is all.

Walker - amen.

Anonymous said...

atta girl!

Anonymous Boxer said...

You tell 'em Luka!

Freddy said...

What is it with this anal thing?
I ask because I haven't tried
Is it possession? Power? or what
Do tell, it might help me decide.

I may take the dildo up my bum
face down in pillow eating style
But then my prostate helps me cum
and being taken also makes me smile

But have i slid into her ring?
No, never have i headed down that route
You see, I find, there's always something
To see that seems to be more cute

The natural lubrication secreted by the cunt
Tastes so much better than the stuff you have to buy
And generally we couple oriented front to front
And that way we can see each others eyes

So would I fuck you up the arse?
Well yes - if you asked me nicely.

Luka said...

Southern Sage - oh, I'm a grumpy old mare at times.

Anonymous Boxer - better than teling them, I have penned a poem. That'll show 'em. Think on.

Freddy - bravo! (*applauds*)

Oh, and Freddy....please would you take me up the

shops and buy me another cake? Ta.

Freddy said...

I'll take you anywhere Luka - but wouldn't you prefer a Muffin'

Luka said...

Freddy - well, yes, and a cream horn.